[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 16

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 16

Martin – Human Scout

Wilfried – Human Fence

Gottlieb – Human Bounty Hunter

Othmar – Human Charlatan

Larry – Human Bodyguard

Wilhelm – Human Wizard Apprentice

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(Author’s Note: Things may get a bit confusing. The PCs are traveling on a boat named the Bawdy Countess. They also have an NPC named Emmanuelle who travels with them. In this portion of the adventure, the members of the Bawdy Countess meet the cousin of an actual Countess Emmanuelle. Have fun trying to keep up.)

At times, you just have to get off your riverboat and spend the night on dry land. When the party found an ideal location, a dock with a riverside inn, they practically fought each other to see who could get off the Bawdy Countess first.

A party of middling importance had arrived just below the Countess’ crew, and it was a bit of time before any service could be had. The personage of middling importance was a cousin of Countess Emmanuelle, who was making her way to the city to defend herself against a charge of murder.

Sick of the other crew, Wilfried paid for a double room for just himself, and paid for a bath. Unfortunately, the violet coloring remained on his hand even after a thorough scrubbing.

A pouring rainstorm hit the inn. A wide array of patrons came and went throughout the evening. Each one seemed more shady than the last, and various crew members were convinced there was an assassin in the midst. Naturally, someone was being sent to murder Emmanuelle’ cousin…or her Judicial Champion (who, let it be known, enjoyed spending time in the common room, drinking and arm wrestling).

Few of the inn’s patrons seem more important to Wilfried than his rest, until a newly married couple arrives and rents the room directly next to his. At that point, when someone in the party asks about spying on the new couple (because they are, assuredly, assassins), Wilfried volunteers. And, if he falls asleep during his post, so much the better.

There was very little excitement going on in the newlyweds’ chamber, as least as far as Wilfried could tell, so he popped downstairs to give the party an update. Most of the party was missing. Wilfried only found two strangers standing over Larry, and Larry himself claiming to have been poisoned!

Apparently the rest of the party, except Martin, the party scout, was out in the rain looking for Larry’s poisoner. Up the stairs Wilfried went again to fetch Martin.

Remaining inside the inn while the rest of the party went out to search for the man who apparently poisoned Larry (I mean, how much help is a one-eyed man in a rainstorm search party?) Wilfried witnessed the priests of Morr paying bonus sums of money to the landlord. Not long after, a female traveler (who earlier had nearly beat the Judicial Champion armwrestling) also paid the landlord money and peppered the man with questions.

Wilfried did not intend to pay any more than he already had for the room and the bath.

The Bawdy Countess’ members started trickling back into the inn, none having caught the suspected poisoner. The party began discussing various options in light of what had transpired thus far, when the newlywed husband, one Mr Schmidt, asked the party to take a message to one of the party of the countess’ cousin. Various members of the party talked the man in circles until he stormed off in frustration.

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  1. Always fun to follow adventures as they try to survive the Warhammer world especially in this classic campaign.

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