Martin – Human Scout

Wilfried – Human Fence

Gottlieb – Human Bounty Hunter

Othmar – Human Charlatan

Larry – Human Bodyguard

Wilhelm – Human Wizard Apprentice

Previous sitting

The Graven’s servant returned to Mr Schmidtt’s room with him. Larry and Wilfried, listening from Wilfried’s room need door, hear a single “thump” and a sound of a body hitting the floor. The two run out into the hallway. Mr Schmidtt poked his head out of his room and looked around. The two stare at him. Wilfried agrees to keep an eye on the room. His only eye.

Downstairs other members of the party have initiated what they call the Oddsocks Protocol. This means that each party member buddies up with at least one other party member for safety purposes. “Oddsocks 2” means they buddy up in at least pairs.

An obnoxious knock echoed through the inn after hours. Eventually a drunk noble and his 3 thugs were let in. They asked for someone fitting the description of Mr Schmidtt, and they headed up the stairs. Wilhelm followed. When they reached the top of the stairs, the apprentice cast a Zone of Silence.

At just the wrong time, Mr Schmidtt opened the door with a body wrapped in the room’s sheet. Mrs Schmidtt was in the room, sitting on the sheetless bed. The drunk noble charged into the room. Mr Schmidtt was forced to drop the body in the hallway and retreat. Wilfried grabbed Mrs Schmidtt to keep her from harm.

Inside the room the drunk noble gave Mr Schimdtt a singularly vicious beating with a horsewhip.

Then the Zone of Silence ended. Mrs Schmidtt was screaming. Multiple people were trying to break up the fight.

In the end, it seems Mrs Schmidtt was not who she claimed, and she was actually unmarried and betrothed to the drunk noble. She had been swept off for a sordid night with her lover instead of her betrothed.

Elsewhere in the inn, the Grave had accused Martin of murdering her champion Bruno, and she had promoted Larry as her temporary Judicial Champion. She also privately summoned the party to tell them she had labeled Martin the murderer as a ploy and hired us to find the killer. To that end, the party was locked into Bruno’s room for the rest of the night.

Wilhelm awoke the party as a scrawny kitchen staffer crawled into the room from the chimney. The staff member admitted to killing Bruno and the murder scheme to discount the Graven.

Larry broke the scrawny kid’s arm.

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