Wilfried – Human Fence

Martin – Human Scout

Gottlieb – Human Bounty Hunter

Larry – Human Bodyguard

Wilhelm – Human Wizard Apprentice

Previous Sitting

The merchant vessel, Bawdy Countess, made port in Delberz. The party soon found itself as the estate of Francesca Lang, Wilhelm’s patron in the magical arts. Lang’s condition on taking Wilhelm on was that he look into the evildoings of the Daemonologist Italka…something or other.

Magician Lang’s current apprentice, Hans Peter Shiller, looked on in jealousy as Wilhelm was welcomed and given some magical items to hasten his career. Some of the items were armor, which the party used to equip Larry as much as possible.

Wilfried, mildly bored and intrigued by the knickknacks in the room, handled various items around the room as Ms Lang spoke. (Oh, look! I learned Magical Sense! Incidentally, the purple staining on Wilfried’s hand is essentially a magical curse. I plan to keep wearing the gloves. )

The party found that Italka was in a town named Grissenwald, near to Nuln. Therefore, they were back on the boat in a few weeks sailing back toward Altdorf.

On the way down the river, a gypsy boat catches up to the Bawdy Countess and warns of a rivermonster not too far downriver. They offer to sell the party a magical charm to keep the monster away. The party refuses, as the gypsy price is too high to interest any of them.

Not long after, they do come across a capsized boat, filled with dead crew…and rotting rutabagas. Completely unable to leave behind a potential source of money, the party spends time fixing up the boat and recovering as many rutabagas as possible. The rutabagas are sold to farmers a bit down the river to feed to their livestock as pulse. The ship is floated to Altdorf and sold as-is.

Continuing up the Reik toward Nuln, the party sails past Castle Reikguard. Rumor has it the prince is locked up inside, protected should the Emperor not survive his current malady…whatever that may be…if it be anything at all.

Not much further along, they sail past a tower in the midst of construction. On a pier near the tower, two dwarves seek escape from the job. Before a fair and equitable price can be agreed upon, the job foreman catches up the dwarves and shames them back to the tower. The foreman does, however, talk the Countess’ crew into taking a job at his site. It seems the construction workers are cursed and disappearing.

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