RPGaMonth: B/X Companion

RPGaMonth: B/X Companion

I inadvertently started #RPGaMonth because I had a stack of gaming-related books that I had purchased but never read. With #RPGaMonth, I grab one of those books and start reading.

For March, 2019, I chose B/X Companion by Jonathan Becker (JB). I have been following JB’s blog for years, and I had heard this product mentioned enough times that it piqued my interest.

Part 1: Introduction. Explaining (a couple times) how this book is to be used and the inspiration for the book. There’s a Foreword, Acknowledgements, and then the intro that repeats what was in those 2.

Part 2: Characters. Describes level advancement (HPs, attacks, stronghold and titles) for each type of race/class beyond 15th level. The whole section is followed by 4 charts. I think I’d like to see a chart for each race/class, after the write-up. I’m sure that was considered, and this presentation was chosen on purpose.

Part 3: Spells – There are a number of spells converted from other editions for high level play.

Part 4: The Adventure- Basics to be expanded on later in the book? Starting to stimulate the imagination.

Part 5: The Encounter- The main thing in this section is rules for mass combat called The Clash. When two armies meet, they clash. It brings us to more charts, with modifying multipliers and percentages.

Part 6: Bestiary – There are a number of evocative creatures ported over from other editions or folklore.

Part 7: Treasure – Reiteration of treasure from earlier editions. Addition of new magical items for this edition’s high level games, mostly ported from other editions.

Part 8: The DM (Dragon Master) – Some basic ideas for high level adventures.

Part 9: Plane-hopping. Very general ideas/considerations for adventuring to other planes.

If I only had this book as a continuation of B/X, the book would be extremely helpful. It is a good starting point, using your other old school D&D books to flesh out the ideas stimulated in this Companion.

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