[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 20

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 20

Wilfried – Human Fence

Larry – Human Bodyguard

Martin – Human Scout

Othmar – Human Charlatan

Wilhelm – Human Wizard

The party arrived in Kemperbad, and odd town 500 feet up a cliff above the river. Apparently there are no Imperial taxes in the town, which can only be a bonus.

The town is accessed via a number of lifts, each depositing the traveler partway up the cliff where they wait for another lift, and so on. Our turn was interrupted by an overweight Tilean who had an Empire escort.

The Tilean introduced himself to us as Luigi Belladonna of Miragliano. Though we just me, he hired us to collect a package of his from the dwarves of Kemperbad and deliver it to him at an Inn named the Cat & Fiddle. The job was as easy as it sounded and paid a good 20 Gold Crowns on top.

After establishing the connection in Kemperbad and the connection with the Tileans, the party continued sailing toward Grissenwald.

Not far out of Kemperbad, as riverboat caught our attention and warned us off from a town along the way called Wittgendorf. For proof of their claims, they invite us onto their boat and show us a body they have under a tarp. The body had been fished from the river. Its violently mutated form cracked the very sanity of Wilfried’s mind (2 insanity points!) and left him violently sick on the deck.

Unable to learn from the experience of others, the head of the Bawdy Countess decided to put in at Wittgendorf. Beggars immediately swarmed the docks, seeking anything the party would give. They intimated that they paid the local lord in the lives of visitors. They were left with only lizards as the party set off from the derelict town.

In Grissenwald, the party learns of an old dwarf coal mine that was sold to a noblewoman a few years ago…could this be the target of the current manhunt? While drumming up information, the 5 humans were attacked by 3 drunk dwarves.

The resulting barroom brawl left two of the dwarves inadvertently killed and the last one arrested. Knowing that the local dwarf town would soon be searching for the party, they set sail to the next large city up the river…Nuln.

After securing the Bawdy Countess in Nuln, the party returned to Grissenwald in disguise via the roads. Some searching led to a path out of town toward the old coal mine.

Along the way, the party came across a burned down farm. It was deduced that the farm wasn’t attacked by down-and-out dwarves, but that there were goblins about!

Other farms kept to themselves, fearing dwarf attacks. Eventually the trail led to a tower. The party finished the day scouting the tower.

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