[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 21

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 21

Wilfried [Fence]

Gottlieb [Bounty Hunter]

Larry [Bodyguard]

Martin [Explorer]

Wilhelm [Wizard level 1]

A dozen goblins poured out of the tower. These were followed by another dozen from the caves nearby…and their dozen wolves. The party listened to enough of the goblin pep-talk to figure out that one goblin, wearing a red dress and a tiara, was the leader. It went by the name “Guttbag”. They let the goblin warband go right on by toward the farms and town.

The party waited until the goblin band was gone and then they raided the tower. They ended up with one goblin prisoner, three freed humans, and one halfling cook, Dumpling Hayfoot. They also found a chest full of loot.

The halfling stated a “weasley human took the mistress up Norn’s river for bear pills.” Which turned out to be the Barren Hills. Her itinerary also included Middenheim after her trip to the Hills

While searching the tower, Wilhelm was infected with spores that feed off magical ability. The party had to cut their visit short and make a mad midnight dash to Nuln to get the wizard cured.

The next stop was back to Kemperbad. From there, the party set sail up the Stir toward Norn’s River.

Along the way, they fished a horse out of the river. The horse had map of the Empire, with the Barren Hills circled. Literally everything pointed the party to the Hills.

Where the river Narn feel into the Stir, the party met a couple of women who invited them back to their village once they found out the party had iron ore for sale.

The village was called Unterbaum. It was a fairy tale looking village at the southern part of the Barren Hills. The village had a druid leader who heard the party’s tale and decided to lead them into the Hills…to the Devil’s Bowl.

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