[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 22

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 22

Wilfried [Fence]
Gottlieb [Bounty Hunter]
Larry [Bodyguard]
Martin [Explorer]
Wilhelm [Wizard level 1]
Othmar [Charlatan]

The druid from Unterbaum led the party up the Narn river for 3 days in a canoe. When they managed to get where they wanted to be, everyone was exhausted from rowing. The woods looked unhealthy and evil, though perhaps flora was starting to grow back in an area where someone evil had once happened.

They were led to a small lake, surrounded by standing stones. It was suggested they camp in lee of the stones for protection. At dark, the stones would shimmer blue. On this night, a ghost appeared. “Help me…lay my bones to rest.”

The party was actually brave enough to follow the ghost away from the “safe” stones in the dark. Brave or foolish. The ghost led the party into the entryway of a cave, boxed into the hills. She tried to lead them further in, stating what they sought could be found further in. However, none decided to follow the ghost until her bones were properly buried. At that time the ghost disappeared, and whatever else she had wanted to do was left undone.

As the party was finishing up, giant rat-men attacked! (Welcome to Skaven!) They were nasty and fast and ferocious. It was an epic battle of survival for the small group but the death of the druid. Barely able to survive, a few of the party members decided to explore more of the caves before leaving.

What they found were crushed skeletons trying to crawl their way out of a cave-in even in death. They were easily smashed to bits. Behind the cave-in were a couple backpacks with some very interesting contents: a map and a key with six points. The location of the map happened to show a tower the party was already familiar with, and a place where they had found 5 other keys.

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