[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 24

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 24

The Bawdy Countess was patched up as good as we could manage so we could continue to ride her up the river. The destination was Liechtenstein.

The wizard and I contracted our first episode of river sickness that knocked us off our feet for half the adventuring day (we were both late logging in on Father’s Day). When I rejoined the group, they had just split up. I joined the half of the group heading to the inn. Gottlieb had to have a bath and a shave after contracting some local infestation.

He came from the bath stating there was a group of outlaws we should meet in the woods before storming Castle Lichtenstein. We could learn a bit more after dinner.

We also heard from the innkeeper that the local priest of Sigmar had been killed when the spire of his temple fell and pierced him through the heart. However, there were still people coming and going from the temple.

When the other half of the party caught up, they mentioned they had scheduled dinner with the local physician the next day. We had a few different things to look into besides beating off beggars and brainstorming ways into the castle…which is located on top of an extremely steep promontory.

We decided to check out the not-so-abandoned temple during our downtime. It was obvious to our tracker that people had been in and out recently. In the chapel proper, the wizard was able to read some historical info about the site. We also had a strange experience with the torches dimming and regaining their full brightness. Wilhelm stated he had a mission from Sigmar. The mission started with recovering a holy sword from the basement.

The temple’s current denizens were in the basement. They were a rag-tag group, armed with clubs and bones (make no mistake, I think clubs are excellent weapons). Wilhelm was able to convince the squatters to go into the crypts and retrieve the sword for him.

We found that some of the tunnels under the temple led toward the graveyard and others led toward the inn…where extremely hungry members of the community were staging a raid. We kept ourselves out of that trouble, but we did take the tunnel back to the inn. The innkeeper was very surprised when we all came walking out of his private basement. We didn’t tell him what was going on, but it should be an indication to him that something is up!

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