[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 26

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 26

There were yet more plans for assaulting the castle. We figured we ought to reconnoiter the place one more time. However, as we headed to check it out, we heard guards coming our way. We quickly made a plan to lead them to the bandit camp. I was sent ahead to warn the bandits. Gottlieb’s job was to lead the guard to the camp. He messed up.

I waited and waited until we heard a shot from the forest. I tried to lead the bandits that way, but they resisted going anywhere. Gottlieb came back heavily wounded, without the guards. The rest of the group was able to stay out of danger.

We put our castle assault plans on hold and headed to the mausoleum to visit Emmanuelle. Gottlieb decided he would like her to assist the doctor with healing. That’s got to be a slap in the face. She’s good enough to heal us…unless there’s someone else around. The town doctor did his job, and still wanted us to come back for dinner.

At the appointed time, we headed for dinner at the doctor’s house. Larry and Wilhelm waited outside in case of emergency. There was an emergency.

There was a pale, young, beautiful woman also there as a guest. It turned out she was the Lady Margritte, the daughter of the Baronet. The meal started out with good, wholesome food: bird, lamb, vegetables, and soup.

However, Gottlieb and I were poisoned by oxleaf. I was drowsy. He was out like a light, blowing bubbles in his soup.

I yelled for backup.  “Poisoned!” Then guards busted into the dining room. “Goons!” I smashed through a window and tumbled into the bushes, ready only to defend myself. The Lady Margritte followed me out. Between waves of nausea, I told Wilhelm “that’s the Lady Margritte from the castle!” He started after her, and I puked out more poison under a bush.

Larry killed the guards. Lady Margritte ran away.

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