[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 27

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 27

The dead guards left us sleeved mail coats, helmets, and breastplates. However, when removed from the guards, we see the “people” underneath are putrescent, decaying creatures. Still citizens of the Empire, sure, but nobody you want giving you hand-me-downs.

The bodies are dragged into the doctor’s back yard. The doctor? He’s nowhere to be found after the battle in his dining room. Also, two of Larry’s mercenaries are dead. I don’t think he’s exactly a mercenary leader anymore, unless the rest of us count as his merry band.

The doctor’s brewhouse had a copper still, which was not magical, in case anyone is asking. There was some magical rotgut, though, stored on his shelves. Some of that went in the travel packs.

Back inside his professional office, there is a letter from the Lady Margritte. Apparently she sent him some kind of powder to put in the medicine he makes for the townsfolk’s ennui. And somewhere in their interactions back and forth, the doctor fell in love with the Lady.

We found a secret door down to his basement. There was a lab bench with implements of torture, or painful medical practices if you distinguish the two. There was also a vial of the powder the doctor puts into the medicine. Finally, there was a locked door leading to a tunnel which headed off in the direction of the temple to Sigmar. We didn’t need to go that way.

We decided to check of the viability of our plan of flying into the castle Wittgenstein. Wilhelm flew up to the top of the wall surrounding the inner bailey, tied a rope off, and we all climbed into a part of the castle with absolutely no guards. That was unexpectedly easy.

Gottlieb did get seen, naturally, but by that time Wilhelm and I were already over and blocking the rest of the castle off by cutting the portcullis counterweight and barring the many doors built to stop intruders. We also dropped some Molotovs on guards trying to break in. Even a guy missing an eye can drop a vial straight down.

There was a temple to Sigmar that first caught our attention. There was eerie purple light shining out the cracked doors. Inside was a Slaanesh scene of horror. A demonic pipe organ on the second floor compelled us into the cultists’ dance. It took some effort, but the organ was smashed and dropped from the balcony onto the writhing cultists.

Downstairs, a daemonette of Slaanesh vaulted out from behind the altar and attacked. The otherworldly creature caught some of us in its fearful gaze, but our overwhelming might prevailed in the end.

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