[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 5

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 5

Ryfon questioned the horse about what he saw the night we were in the crypt. The horse said it was attacked by big dogs with large claws. Lots of big dogs. Those we took to mean the werewolves that were known to be in the area. Though we had killed a few on our way to the crypt, it almost seems the area was swarming with them.

The horse also saw something in the sky. Something big.

We sent Marwin to meet with the high priest of Kosuth, Otiamrous. For some reason, everyone thought I should go along. I will admit that I had a hard time playing dumb and sticking to a simple story. Otiamrous seemed like a nice guy. Something was off, but he let me check his alignment and his honesty with use of my spells. The guy is on the up and up. If he’s up to something, he doesn’t know it. I still fear there may be something insidious inside of him.

Otiamrous told us a long story about the Diadem of Destruction. It is an ancient artifact which enhances the ability of spellcasters. Between Otiamrous and the information the church of Oghma found for me we got quite the tale on how the artifact may have been used and why it was sealed away. What we are actually looking for are keys that open a box that contains a map to the diadem. And the church of Kosuth is willing to pay a pretty penny for it, because they were the ones that lost it.

Unfortunately the Zhentarim know all this somehow. Their leaders, Manshun and Fazuul, are after the diadem for their own nefarious purposes. Whoever gets the diadem, it will be a grand event to record!

I performed an augury to see if it was OK to give Otiamrous the key. I was told “trust brings great reward.” We agreed to work for Otiamrous.

The pay is very generous. We will receive 10,000 GP when we deliver the second key and 15,000 for the third key. We also get a look at the book he keeps chained to his person upon delivery of the 3rd key. Finally, we get a writ allowing us to seek food and shelter at any shrine of his cult. Now’s it’s true that this all seems like great reward, but what if there is great woe beside?

I can tell you there is no initial woe. Delenn helped us spend some money on finer accommodations, clothing and food. We now have nice sets of clothes as well as our travel clothes.

The next thing we wanted to do was look into Marwin’s missing brother. I thought since I grew up in the same orphanage that it might be easy. Instead it seems like the siblings’ records are sealed. They wouldn’t give us any information no matter what. I’m afraid we may never be welcome back at the Binding Hearts orphanage after the lengths we went to. The only thing we found were his siblings’ names: Lyrial his sister and Kirion his brother.

Braden talked to his contact and secured us some false keys. The first key we found was not magical, so it’s OK that the false ones aren’t either. It was interesting, and these false keys would make good substitutes if we were beset and robbed by Zhentarim.

With all this in mind, we are on the way to Candlekeep to gather any last bits of information we can from my contact. While there, we may also hire a bard. Of course, I would want to verify any information the bard writes about us, but he’s welcome to help me distribute our tale when it’s all said and done.

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