WFRP 4e Starter Set

WFRP 4e Starter Set

Alright. I’m sorry to be this way, everyone…I know we should give things and chance, and I know most people only like to read positive reviews, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But I am a Warhammer fan. I bought the 4th edition book and got about halfway through it before losing interest and moving on. I bought the Starter Set even though the core book lost my interest. I’m really trying.

I was excited for the Starter Set and even threatened to run my face to face group through it, though we’re only a quarter of the way through our present campaign. However, I just finished reading the Starter Set adventure, and I’m just not interested.

Part of the problem is surely my expectation. I love the starter adventure in the 1st edition book. The starter adventure in the 3rd edition is pretty good…ignoring the mechanics of 3rd edition. I just wasn’t captured by the Starter Set premise of the party getting press-ganged into working for the watch, and the adventure is just a series of things that happen on days they are watching. I know you want an adventure with breadth to introduce mechanics slowly and naturally…but this set isn’t what I’m looking for.

Another part of the problem is that immediately prior to reading this set, I read The Gathering Storm for WFRP 3e. That campaign DID capture my imagination and got me excited to play. Follow that with the 4e starter set, and I was just let down.

Which is too bad. I like the idea that there’s a new edition to unite the fans, like 5th edition D&D. I like Andy Law and pretty much everything he ever posted on Google+. I love that he was given reigns for the new edition. I just don’t seem to like this product, though I try.

On the other hand, some of the 3e adventures are obviously sticking with me. I might have to explore more of those.

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