[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 30

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 30

Bluker had hired us to transport some Cathayware to Marienburg…until someone tried to burn down our boat while it was in his slip, AND we found out that his merchandise was phony. Instead he has hired us to transport a crate overland to Middenheim.

Before we left, a giant priest of Morr joined us. He stated he was hunting for the necromancer Ernst Heidelman. We had to tell the priest we had eradicated said necromancer from the Old World. The priest said he would instead join us in catching whoever was behind the necromancer. We seem to have a number of people changing up their stories to get us to do what they want. Anyway, the priest’s name is Brother Nathander Fehr. And he’s not so giant outside of his armor.

We were forced to take a Ratchet Lines coach from Kemperbad to Altdorf. Well, we weren’t forced to, but the other option was Larry’s new cart, which has no shocks or springs. Anyway, his cart was full of his mercenaries. We actually hired a second cart for some priest of Sigmar who wanted to join us in our journey. Safety in numbers and all that.

The crate came with a letter for its intended recipient. That’s the first thing we opened, after I had made a replica of the seal holding it closed. It essentially told the recipient that the sender wished them to have these “6 items” they requested. We opened the crate next.

It was full of random, useless items like an old scabbard, a dead magpie, a seashell, a robe with badges, a dog skull, a pewter goblet, and a book. Yes, we noticed that was 7 items as well. Since we couldn’t make heads nor tails of it, we added an eighth item: a Teugen necklace.

We dropped the Sigmarites off in Altdorf without incident. The head priest asked us to stop at a wayside shrine and give his regards to one of the Sigmarite priests there. Apparently this shrine is an ecumenical wonder in that Sigmarite and Ulricans hold the shrine together in peace. It seems elsewhere in the Empire, the two are constantly at odds.

Since we’re heading to Middenheim, I thought it prudent to purchase a wolf’s head medallion. One wouldn’t want to be outcast as a nonbeliever so far from civilization. It must have been a good idea, because Wilhelm did the same thing, and he’s a lot smarter than me.

Lastly in Altdorf, Larry wanted to register his mercenary company. We thought it a good time to add some legitimacy to Othmar’s continuing quest for nobility. Thanks to a few added flourishes of my pen, Larry’s company officially works for House Lieberung of Bogenhafen.

Leaving Altdorf, guess who found out our new priest of Morr can remove curses! That’s right, this guy, who no longer has to hide a purple hand under a glove.

We also picked up the huntress and her brother who happened to be walking down the road we were taking. This huntress?  She’s the same one we picked up in a canoe heading to Kemperbad via Unterbaum. She is, again, going somewhere at the urgency of her brother.

Lastly, we came across two backwoods hicks transporting a large crate down the road. I don’t know how far they thought they were going, but the crate was like coffin-sized. Which is appropriate, considering they dropped the thing and ran when they saw our new priest. It turns out there was a body in the crate, freshly robbed from its grave.

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