[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 7

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 7

After we performed some emergency healing due to the cyclops attack, two owlbears came rushing at us. Owlbears happen to be Ryfon’s natural enemy, so he attacked in earnest. Brayden had gone down and wasn’t going to be any help to us, so I cast Dispel Fatigue so he could get a spell back [1].

Shortly behind the owlbears came two cyclopes. Real cyclopes. Apparently the ones we fought earlier were miniature cyclopes. I thought they might be more rational than the earlier ones, so I tried to parlay. They were uninterested in my offer of foodstuffs or the carcass of one of the owlbears we had killed. Instead, one giant picked up our supply cart and started running off into the woods. He was so fast we had no chance of catching him. And he was talking to someone on the other side of the trees. We were too wounded, even had we been fast enough to give chase. I did try to blind him with a Light spell, and apparently Brayden tried to put him to Sleep, but the creature was too powerful for either of our spells to affect him.

However, something just as interesting happened during the fight with the second Cyclops. A couple we hadn’t met came from one of the lead carts and helped us in the fight. As a matter of fact, the woman almost took down one Cyclops by herself, and she doesn’t even fight with weapons! The man was a priest of Azuth, and help with some healing of our injured after the fight.

The two, Darian and Kelsa, both have auras similar to those of Chaotic/Good alignment. With my first impression, I boiled down Kelsa’s personality to a “violent protector.” She watches over Darian like he’s fragile. Darian himself is a bit of an “arrogant communist.” He focuses on one thought at a time, snidely dismissing any interruption. He is also intent on finding and sharing magical spells. My natural curiosity got the better of my, and I traveled with Darian while everyone else organized our departure from the killing field.

Darian confided something in me. Something I really need to get him to tell my friends. He actually travels with the box we seek. The very same box that has the directions on how to get to the Diadem of Destruction. The two have brought the box with them all the way from Calimshan. I almost begged everyone to turn around so we could bring the box to Odiamrus. However, the caravan does need our aid, especially since the leader went down with some broken ribs in the first cyclops fight. Also, the box is little use to the church of Kossuth until we get the other keys. And I still need to be in Waterdeep in a few days to face my tribunal. I did tell Darian the history of the Diadem. I had to. What he carries is of greatest import, and he needs to know its significance.

We camped at Dragonspear Castle that night as a way-station along the route. In the middle of the night, someone mysteriously cut our horses’ ropes and they were found wandering the outer bailey. We never found the nighttime trickster, and we were on our way in the morning.

Eventually we made it to Daggerford, where we have rented rooms and await a new day.

[1] This became an on the spot house rule. In older editions, when your magic user loses consciousness, they lose their memorized spells. This was the closest thing I could find that might help, and the DM allowed it, up to 1 spell per level memorized. Just as an aside, I could imagine the DM charging me a spell per slot the magic user regained. That didn’t happen, but it’s an interesting idea.

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