[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 32

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 32

The cart driver, Alex Eisen, has more political opinions than Emperor Karl Franz! He eventually gets us to the shared Sigmar/Ulric shrine a half mile off the main road (I could have sworn we were told it was right on the main road and we couldn’t miss it). We arrive to see the place surrounded by Templars with the symbol of a fiery heart on their uniforms. Of course, none of us are quite adept enough at heraldry to know who these knights are. We play it safe by staying in our carts/coaches and turning around to make a hasty exit if necessary.

Then something that sounded like a bomb went off in the temple. We saw some Ulricans from the forest rush the temple afterward.

Nobody knew who they were at first, and then someone mentioned the Ulricans were the Sons of Ulric, as disavowed extremist group that followers of Ulric didn’t support. That tipped the balance, and I attacked.

My attack didn’t last long. One of the Ulricans cast a spell on me, and I found myself fleeing the battle against my will.

Cut to the scene after the battle was over.

We were able to gain audience with the Grand Theologonist, Uri the 15th. Wilhelm decided to tell him about the warpstone we left “safe” in the river. He tasked us with taking a message to the Priest of Ulric in Middenheim.

We were still on track to travel to Middenheim just in time for the carnival. It cost us a total of 10 gold crowns to enter the city, and we found accommodations at The Templar’s Arms…fitting after our most recent encounter.

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