[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 34

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 34

We did a little hobnobbing and scored ourselves a dinner invitation from 2 sisters who are new in town. There was an uncomfortable conversation with the Graf’s current champion, Dieter Smiterhammer, regarding taxes, but otherwise the dinner went well. The end game of the dinner was to score invitations to other events going on with those of status higher than us. The plan worked. We were invited to the event of the festival week: The Garden Party.

I am also interested in this Snotling Football concept, but I’m not sure I’ll have an opportunity to catch a game.

Also, also of note, the day before the festivities begin, everyone either chooses to feast or fast. As bad as fasting sounds, the only thing you’re allowed to feast on is various preparations of oversalted rat.

The militia is hiring extra police during the festival. If things get desperate, I can always work for the constabulary.

Rumor-wise, we heard that the Graf has not taken an interest in ruling since his wife passed away about a year ago. The place is apparently being run by Yosef Sparsel, the Chancellor. I hear the guy is a prude. He’s all about passing laws and making money. The two aren’t necessarily separate topics, if you know what I mean.  His taxes have certainly seemed to tick off a lot of groups on this rock.

At the end of the night, we met up with the Graf’s physician and his elf minstrel friend. Both seem great contacts within the city. We asked the physician if the champion might be mesmerized, and he’s going to check it out the next time he talks with the fighter. Until then, Larry is scheduled to duel the champion during festival week.

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