[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 35

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 35

We were on our way home from the Morrspark (who thought they’d just let us in to see the long-dead body of the Graf’s wife?) when we saw two men absconding from the park with a body. Our sneakier members followed the grave robbers, and the rest of us followed the party members. They brought the body into a haulage company, and were shortly thereafter recruited by our team. Manny the Maggot and Waldo the Weasel are our in to the shadier doings of Middenhiem.

Unfortunately, the first thing they tell us about is activity from the Cult of Nurgle deep in the Ulricsmund, under the temple of Morr. What the two describe sound like Nurglings, disgusting ankle-biters of the Lord of Decay. So of course we’re going there later.

Fun fact: When it comes time to sleep for the night, the noise of the festival is so loud that Wilhelm Zone of Silences most of the Inn. Every guest room door had a nasty note on it the next morning.

At the minotaur fight, Larry is prepping to pound some mutant, err…citizen, flesh when a mob of people start calling him Fred and ask where he’s been. He’s accused of owing money, having a missing wife, and being wanted by the Temple of Ulric. In the end, it turns out this is just a festival practical joke, but it was quite frustrating. We were worried Larry was going to miss the minotaur fight and lose out of making some money!

Later, deep in the crypts below Morrspark, we smell rotting meat…much more fresh than you would expect in an old crypt. We discover some bones that had been chewed upon by something…no-rattish. There was a tunnel behind the coffin. It was too small for any of us to fit in. Creepy crawlies come out when we send some test-shots in. And not the kind of crawlies you expect to find in a crypt in Middenhiem.

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