[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 9

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 9

Lacking the time and equipment to return Dungar to the earth, where we assumed a dwarf would want to be returned, we held a funeral pyre for our dead song mage. It was too bad we could not take better care of our hired historian. We will have to do better with the next one.

That night, many of us had nightmares about a dark ritual occurring in a sarcophagus. Ryphon was on guard duty, and he saw an apparition in the forest. It was of a Lady Asandra. She showed him where the dark ritual was taking place and how to get there. We left first thing in the morning, because it was happening in this very forest.

We arrived at an old, abandoned cemetery, with freestanding buildings. We searched all the outlying area and found a lot of ghouls roaming around. They scratched us up a bit, but it was the central building that held the only challenge: four giant skeletons, fires glowing in their ribcages, trying to remove the lid off a sarcophagus in the center of the room.

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