[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 10

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 10

There was nothing left to do but go in to the crypt. Right before going in we lost Braden to a ghoul attack (down but not killed) and we gained Delenn, who had previously been too wounded to continue after the troll fight. We put some protective spells on the fighters and entered the building.

Neither of the priests were able to Turn the giant skeletons, so it was a knock-out fight with flaming undead. We did pretty well attacking one at a time, figuring if 4 skeletons couldn’t lift the sarcophagus lid, then fewer would have no chance. When we weren’t in melee with the creatures, they threw fireballs at us from their ribcages. Two fireballs hit me at once, and I went down. When I came back to, all the skeletons were destroyed, and Darius said he had barely been able to save me from death.

We gained some gold, magical boots, a book of wizard spells, some jewels, and some floating stones of protection. Those look pretty strange in action. We won’t be able to identify the boots until we return to Waterdeep.

We’re not sure were the person casting the dark ritual went, but there was a dead body behind the sarcophagus, near all the loot. We expect that was him. A statue at the cemetery fountain came to life, identifying itself as Lady Asandra. She said we had stopped the dark ritual. It must have something to do with whatever was in the sarcophagus. We didn’t want to open it and find out.

When we left the cemetery, the place disappeared back into the forest. If we didn’t have the spoils to prove our adventures, we might think we had dreamed the whole thing.

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