[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 11

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 11

Darian has a powerful ally that can magically gate himself right into the middle of our camp whenever he wants, it seems. The man, Nameed, showed up to warn us that three powerful Zhentarim assassins were tracking us. We need to finish this quest before things get further out of hand.
That night, some crazy fog rolled in – 13 distinct portions of mist – and headed over our camp toward the monastery. The significance of such an event is outside of our understanding.

The next day, we finally arrived at the monastery to Ilmater in the middle of the Ardeep Forest. Somewhere within was the Key of Flame. Outside, however, we needed to get past two ogre guards.

I conjured some food and tried to befriend them. They were a suspicious couple, but they talked a bit while eating. There was a clan of ogres in the building. They never got visitors during the day. And they definitely weren’t scared of the visitors that showed up during the night. Whoever these visitors were, they definitely wouldn’t talk about them.

Our friendship didn’t last long, and we had to dispatch both of the ogres. They wanted to tell their chief about us, which was definitely more than we could handle at the time. We didn’t enter via the front door, however. We actually circled around the monastery and found an entry in a side door.

The side entry took us directly to a room which was a font to Ilmater. The water in the font was still holy, and we could tell the current inhabitants of the monastery completely avoided this room. To the south was a shrine to Ilmater, illuminated by 4 different saints of the faith. Offerings had been left for the saints, and we did our best to avoid spoiling the offerings.

To the east we found a grand hall, complete with pillars, stairs going down, and a whole slew of evil creatures. Kelsa was tired of all the talking, and jumped right into the middle of a fight with 8 bugbears and 8 goblins. She took a good deal of them down by herself, too, though we all came into the hall to help. Some of the creatures escaped, presumably to seek reinforcements. We headed down the stairs.

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