[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 36

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 36

We decided to investigate the signs of the Nurgle cult below Morrspark. There was a question of hiring Addick the gnome to scout the hole we found behind the coffin. It’s probably good we didn’t press that lead.

We did, however, mention the hole to the priest in charge during the festival. His name was Archibald, and he was gung-ho to explore our report. He at least had the presence of mind to call for a replacement (named Mombert) to man his post before we headed down with him.

Archibald pried the stones away from the back of the coffin to reveal a larger entryway to some corridors. There were signs in that corridor that something had been dragged away from the hole.

We followed the drag marks to a chimney going both up and down. Gottlieb climbed up to a sealed end. The only other option was heading down.

It was 9 feet to the chimney floor. We found a ladder lying on the floor, in case someone wanted to climb up in the future. We also felt some residual magic emanating from a wall. Behind a secret panel was a small hiding-hole. There was a bronze ring with the initials “CG”. They were identified as the initials of the last Necromancer of Middenhiem, who was in a cult called The Running Sore. There was another trap door around here, leading further down into the mountain.

The rooms below had been kept immaculately clean…except where sewage spilled down underground. We explored many large, empty passages. There were no signs on anything…or anyone. Suddenly we heard the clang of something metal hitting the floor in a nearby room.

A single dwarf climbed a metal ladder down into the rooms below the mountain. He didn’t look entirely pleased to see us. He gruffly admitted his name was Gorad (Will DuFine) Brainshaper (not that kind of brain). He took us up to the Engineer’s Guild. We were surrounded by dwarves. The dwarves call the mountain “Grungni’s Tower.” They were willing to help us reinforce the defenses in the crypt.

When we were returned to the temple of Morr, we found that the relief priest, Mombert Wiedermann, had allowed our grave robbing companions (who mysteriously disappeared during our explorations) to leave the temple with two coffins. Those guys have some chutzpah!

To wrap up, we hired a would-be mugger to find the two grave robbers. We signed Mombert’s name to a contract with the dwarves…they would do as we asked, if we didn’t tell anyone about their entrances to the caverns below, and we searched the warehouse we followed the grave robbers to previously. There was nothing left at the warehouse but some fresh maggots. The place had been cleared just this morning.

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