[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 37

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 37

On the next day of the festival, we were traveling to the fighting arena when a scruffy urchin was caught stealing pies right in front of us. Wilhelm payed the fine, and the urchin and his friends agreed to work for us on retainer. (I’m sure they just agreed to work for him, but I like to think we’re all in this together.)

Larry battled the graf’s champion and knocked the poor man out. We went to his apartments with the physician, who wanted to make sure he was OK and who had agreed to check the man for signs of hypnotism. We found that he had been hypnotized by a woman named “Charlotte” while drinking in the Showboat about 2 months ago. His fiancée was not pleased at the news.

He described the woman with red hair, green eyes, about 5’6”, top-heavy, and with a Brettonian accent. We took the information and kept it in mind while continuing our day at the festival.

Gottlieb joined the archery tournament and failed miserably. The guy really doesn’t like being around crowds. It was less noticeable when we were always traveling the roads, but all he wants to do in towns is find someone to assassinate.

Larry befriended Alejandro the elf Huntsman, while Wilhelm overheard a professor of magic talking to some students at dinner. The man’s name was Roland Scheidermann. Wilhelm recruited the man to help the party find corruption within the higher levels of the local government. There were some aspersions cast on the Deputy High Wizard, who fit a few of the descriptions of the woman Charlotte. We found out the Deputy High Wizard will be at the Garden Party, an event we had already worked out an invitation to.

To cap off an eventful day, a Troll Slayer walked into the fighting area with the head of a minotaur…noticeably absent the rest of the body.

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