[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 38

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 38

Marktag: Larry had to defend against any challenges to the champion. A belligerent dwarf with a bad haircut challenged Larry. The dwarf wanted to use 2 handed axes. Larry wanted to use swords. The guy running the games chose quarterstaffs. Larry knocked the dwarf out cold. The dwarf has vowed to challenge again the next day with a bucket of berries. We’ll see if that happens.

We didn’t so much go to the Festival of Fine Ales as we did go through the Festival of Fine Ales on the way to the Garden Party. Also, on the way to the Garden Party, we met up with an elf on the run from a group of angry dwarves. (We’re starting to think that’s the only kind of dwarf.) The elf had the Graf’s Chancellor with him. Wilhelm talked the group down, at least long enough for the two to get away.

At the Palace, Larry was spirited away with the other marshal figureheads. The Chancellor had mentioned wanting to talk with Larry, but with Larry gone, the Chancellor was stuck with us.

The Chancellor admitted to us that the taxes weren’t even his idea. They were presented by the Law Lords. And, some woman named Frau Kenner has him under her control. It seems he’s addicted to a concoction only she can provide. She instructs him to make sure the laws pass. The Chancellor describes her as 30 years old, 5’5”, with long blonde hair. He states she will be here for the last day of Carnival.

While Wilhelm has the Chancellor’s full attention, I was able to pocket everything in the “Correspondence” section of the paperwork on his desk. I know have samples of handwriting from the Chancellor and all of the city’s Law Lords. It’s a good day to be a Forger!

I also recognized some handwriting from Von Wittgenstein. It was in a letter from The Chairman of the City Commission of Trade and Taxation. Wittgenstein was in correspondence under the name Gobles, the head of the Merchant’s Guild. From what we’ve been able to find, “Gobles” looks nothing like Von Wittgenstein.

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