[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 12

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 12

We went down the stairs, into the bowels of the overrun monastery to Illmater. But we didn’t want to be heard, so we used Silence 15’ Radius.

The room at the bottom contained the dead of a few different races. The dead humans had obviously been monks. All the creatures had puncture wounds in their necks. They had been drained of blood. We pooled our knowledge of vampires: They are repelled by strong garlic, mirrors cause them to recoil, the are driven away by a holy symbol presented in faith, they cannot tolerate direct sunlight, holy water harms them. And stakes kill them. There was a smashed crate that used to hold vials. We took some pieces to use as stakes if necessary. There were doors on either end of the room. We chose to enter the east door.

There was a rather large chapel to Illmater. It was obviously something the monks were working on before they had been overtaken. There were rows of pews, and an altar in the front. The altar had 3 statues sitting in front of 3 gold chalices. There was a goat statue, a minotaur statue, and a slender/blank man statue. All 3 statues made noise when shaken, indicating something was inside. We took all 3, as well as the chalices. We retreated to the font room.

Braden cracked open the goat headed statue. It had been opened before, around the neck, and sealed with some sort of glue. There was a key inside. It was skeletal with an opaque crystal gem on the end, which seemed to hold a flame inside it. Ryfon opened the bull headed statue to find an exactly similar key, plus a round black stone and a rectangular black stone. Delenn opened the blank man statue to get a flash of flame in her face. There was a 3rd similar key inside, along with a gold ring. We kept the keys with the person who opened the statue to differentiate them.

Finding the key(s), we immediately rode from the monastery as far down the road as we could get before dark, and used Create Campsite for some comfort and concealment.

In the middle of the night, a stealthy man attacked. He started by shooting at us with magical crossbow bolts. When the bolts hit, they knocked us backward. He also threw a circular weapon at me. The cut it caused would not stop bleeding until I cast a healing spell.

I tried to talk to the man. From what I saw of him he had an ash grey aura. He came up behind me and stated nobody needed to get hurt, he just wanted the key. He could have killed me at that moment, but instead he disappeared back into the forest. We started tossing our light coins so he would have fewer places to hide.

Ryfon and Delenn were determined to kill this stealthy attacker. Once they got sight of him, they chased him into the forest. They managed to wound him quite heavily, but he got away in the end.

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