[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 13

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 13

The party was able to travel 2 more days and get 2 more nights sleep before the assassin, as we had come to call him, struck again. We had taken to sleeping in a dome we could see out but others couldn’t see into. It was a very handy spell Darian had obtained.

The assassin shot a crossbow bolt toward our camp. It had a note attached to it. We sent Delenn out to retrieve the note, but she didn’t tell us what it said. Darian and I started fortifying our position, him with a Wind spell and me with a Thief’s Lament spell. I also cast Locate Object to try to find the round weapon he had hit me with, but he must have been out of range. He didn’t show again while our guard was up, so we continued on to Waterdeep.

There was a lot to be done in Waterdeep: Find sleeping arrangements, find a place to keep the horses and cart, identify some magical objects, and shop for more useful supplies. We were heading to the Underdark soon. Things went relatively smoothly, but we were not as unnoticed as we would have liked.

The assassin was seen watching Delenn when she was alone in a tavern. He also showed up at a noble gathering Delenn was at. He spent some time talking to Braden, whom Delenn had taken as an escort. The assassin identified himself as Jericho Cross.

While this was going on, Darian and I were at the Temple of Knowledge doing some research. We looked up Duergar, The Lost Peaks, the Underdark, and The High Forest. We also looked over some of the information we already had. Remo’s last letter to Marwen mentioned a contact in the city of Waterdeep, someone named Martheep.

We took this information and asked around, finally getting somewhere while at the docks. The dockworker promised to set us up a meeting with Martheep if we would meet him back at the dockside tavern that night.

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