[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 39

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 39

At the Garden Party, the High Wizard and the Deputy High Wizard finally show up to the party, as does the Gravin last seen at the Three Feathers. Wilhelm takes and opportunity to chat with the High Wizard. Wilfried goes along. Wilhelm shows the High Wizard the signet ring of The Necromancer, and the Wizard insists they speak in a more private area.

It is believed the Necromancer is active in this city. He started operating with renewed vigor last week. It’s also believed that he works alone. The High Wizard believes he is insane and lost.

Talk of evil leads to talk of the increased taxes in the city. Those who would defend the city best are being driven out due to the taxes. The High Wizard confirms that all taxes originate with the Law Lords.

Princess Katerina Todbringer arrives. Those noticeably absent are her father, Graf Todbringer, Goebbles, and the lead wizard from Blackpool Illuminations, Emery Schuster.

Initially, the ladies of the court snub our party, but when a flash mob dance-off breaks out, they are suitably impressed enough to allow us to partner up with them for a short time. Wilfried is with Natasha. It is obvious she doesn’t like anyone at court. She may have some respect for Petra. She is quite envious of Emmanuelle Schlagen, the Graf’s current paramour. She indicates it is easy for Emmanuelle to take advantage of the Graf in his current state of despair.

Ar-Ulric finally arrived at the Garden party. He was noticeably uncomfortable around all the women. Is it because his order in Middenheim requires all priests to be celebate? Or is it because he has broken this tenant and is uncomfortable around Emmanuelle?

At a play later in the night, Larry gets to briefly meet one of the Law Lords.

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