[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 40

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 40

Brother Nathander wanted to see Goebbels, but the man could not be found at either of his places of business. Gottlieb was able to sneak into one location and steal a number of official seals. We can use those in the future for our document forging, if necessary.

For the last day’s Challenge to the Champion, Larry had to fight a Knight Panther. The guy was pretty good, but Larry knocked him out with a solid blow to the head. The last challenger was Smiterhammer again, making a show of getting his title back. Unfortunately, all Smiterhammer got was another blow to the head that KO’d him. That’s two within just a few days. He may have some lasting brain damage.

Apparently the snotling football games sell out long before visitors even arrive in town for the party. We could only find scalped tickets and not in prime seating. I tried to make some quick gold by betting on the underdog. That didn’t go well.

During the match, Branehammer (not that kind of brain) decides to tell us that the tunnels under the city aren’t really guarded as well as the dwarves said they were. We needed to recruit a meat shield–I mean some brute force besides Larry–to help us clear the tunnels. We had previously met a dwarf with a death wish, so we thought we could let these worlds collide and everyone would get what they wanted.

First we had to free the dwarf giant slayer, Glugger I think he’s called, from jail. That only took a short talk to Schultzmann and a bribe to the current guards on duty.

Our dwarf wrecking crew is hooked on the hooka, and needs a couple hits before he’s ready to head to his doom in the tunnels. We also wanted to do some more research on the drug that the Chancellor is addicted to, so we all headed to The Pit, a notorious den of illegal activities and substances.

We made contact with one Bruno Cole who could get us what the dwarf needs and seemed to know what the Chancellor was hooked on. He calls the stuff “Laughing Powder.” Well, as soon as he handed it to us, the city guard decided to raid the joint.

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