[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 41

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 41

The Pit was raided. We tried to disperse. It’s times like these I’d like to have 2 eyes. Then I probably wouldn’t have tripped and fallen up the stairs. But I made it to a window ahead of the watch, so I was in the clear. Heading around to snoop on the ruckus out front, though, showed me that we weren’t going anywhere soon. The crazy dwarf was attacking everything remotely close to the front door.

I was able to grab the tabard off a downed watchman. With the help of the real watch, we corralled the dwarf and beat feet

On the way back, we found out that Attic the gnome had been killed and his body left in Morrspark. He had a token from the Temple of Shallya in his pocket.

We returned to the entrance to the tunnels under the Moorspark. The excitable priest didn’t come with us this time, but he gave Brother Nathander his staff. Nobody made a big deal about it, but it seemed like quite the generous gesture. (Mombert, we noted, was nowhere to be seen.)

Down in the tunnels themselves, we saw hoofprints and spoor, like someone had a mule with them. And that someone looked to be barefoot, oddly enough. Possibly smugglers? They had walked from a wet section to the dry section, and the footprints hadn’t quite dried yet.

We found a note tossed aside. It was perhaps written by a child? “Help I am a prisoner of Beestmen”

We followed the trail to more sewers. Eventually we heard fighting up ahead. In some bizarre coincidence, the fight was happening where our hotel connected to the sewers. There were goblins and beastmen fighting humans and an ogre. Our warriors charged ahead, but Wilhelm’s lightning bolts got there faster.

It was a quick fight, once all the lightning was played out. Only one goblin was left alive, and that’s because he ran the other way. Nathander and I chased him down.

The goblin admitted that the band had delivered a manchild to some place in Middenheim and were looking for a way out. Their escape route had been disrupted by increase watch guard presence in the sewers. The goblin described the manchild as a blond female between the ages of 8 and 12. She shouldn’t be hard to find in a city packed to capacity for the festival!

The ogre had come to Middenhiem to join a mercenary party, so we got him to sign on with Larry’s group.

Back above ground, we took a side trip to the temple to Shallya. Attic had been hired to play the flute, dress like a jester, and lead the parade of children through the festival on…whatever day that was supposed to happen. I don’t think anyone cares, but I’m going to keep my eye out for someone else who might be able to take his place. I quickly dismissed the ogre as an option.

On our way back to The Templars Arms, we asked our rapscallion children’s network about a young blonde girl who was new to town. They agreed to look around for us.

The Shallyans had told us they put Attic up at The Red Moon, a cabaret bar of sorts that respectable people quite avoided. Of course, we had to go there.

In the end, we found the jester outfit, and his hand made flute.

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