[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 42

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 42

Ava had no new information for us. (Who’s Ava?) We went to the wizard school to visit Albrect.

The rag selling crone had found another ring of the Necromancer in Potter’s Field. For some reason, this led us to following a lead to the bottom of the Ulricsmund. Maybe we could track, from the ground, how the minions of evil had infiltrated the mountain.

Nearby the part of the mountain we were investigating is the town of Warrenburg. Besides sounding like a place full of rats, the citizens seem to have an unusual amount of mental illness. Are they doing something profane with the bodies that tumble down the mountain?

We examined the cliff face, and found a number of bloodsedges – trees/bushes that will cut you and drink your blood. Wilhelm blasted them with a lightning bolt. Overkill, but effective.

There was an illusionary cliff face covering an entrance into the mountain. We lit our lantern and headed in. There were human tracks. We climbed up a stepped incline. There were discarded gowns and robes. There may have been an entire cult here at some time.

Animated corpses started climbing up the ledge. Larry rushed to defend it, and I joined him. Then there was a sound from behind, which distracted us even from a rush of zombies. Larry and I turned to flee into a protective circle Brother Nathander cast for us. There was a shape on the other side of the cave. It was…the Necromancer Klaus Gertlerose…or at least it had previously been. Now it seemed to be more liche.

His face…it was terrible. His countenance frightening. His gaze…my god his gaze. I couldn’t…I didn’t

Death, most horrible was coming for me, and there was nothing I could do.

(Insert 1 failed Terror Check, and +1 insanity point)

Someone killed the monster. I don’t know how. I did pick up a replacement lantern. Wilhelm paged through some books. Why were we still down there, I don’t even know? We had to get out. I’m messed up, but Gottlieb…he’s even worse. We had to get him back to town.

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