[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 44

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 44

Gottlieb was healed enough to take him to the Temple of Shallya for magical healing. He’s a lot better now.

Then half of us headed to see Chancellor Sparsam. He offered us 500 GC to kill Frau Kenner…who may be, I don’t remember how, a vampire?

On our way across Morrspark to the Temple of Morr, a trained bear, engraged at having a rock thrown at it, escaped and tore the arm off one of our street urchins. That cost a pretty penny for Wilhelm, as he paid the surgeon to take care of the child. The kid ended up with a stump just past his shoulder, but he’ll survive.

Continuing to the Temple of Morr, Archie was in attendance. He didn’t have the answer to any of our questions about bodies that may have come in assassinated. Instead he told us of bodies that had come in completely drained of blood. Frau Kenner or not, it seems there are indeed vampires in this dung heap.

We returned to the inn. The ogre we met earlier officially decided to join Larry’s mercenary company. Like, he signed on the dotted line and everything. OK, he signed using his spiked mace, but I can touch that up with ogrish-looking script, I’m sure.

In the morning, the ogre wakes us up at the crack of dawn for breakfast. There’s nothing to do but get on with our day, backed only by a few hours’ sleep. We decide to spend this day looking for Wittgenstein, or Goebbels, as he’s called here.

It’s back to Sparsom for answers, as we know we can trust his discretion. He tells us that he thinks Goebbels is corrupt. But he knows where the man lives, which may help us out. Finally he suggests that if we want to know about poisonings (a la our assassin), we may want to as Pavarotti.

At Groebbels’ house, we decide to go in a pair at a time, each coming to the house under different pretenses. First in is Wilhelm and Larry on the pretense of “family business.” Goebbels’ assistant Adolf the hunchback opens the door and directs the two around to the back. Specifically, he suggests the back of the pantry.

As they were getting settled, Nathander and Larry entered the house on “inquisitional business.” Gottlieb didn’t particularly wait for our turn, and rushed up the walkway toward the house. I followed as quickly as I could without looking suspicious, in case anyone was watching.

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