[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 16

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 16

It took a little while to figure our Braden was hanging out around the cave entrance while we were exploring down at the pool. That wasn’t an issue once giants started throwing rocks at us.

One of those rogue projectiles hit me. It’s not the worst injury I ever sustained, but I don’t look forward to it happening again! I ran to the cave. Everyone else followed at their own pace, mostly quickly.

I tried to figure out how to find our guide, and I mused on this rather loudly, using his name. A call for our attention was heard from further in the cave. When we finally met Ulathor, we found he is a Drow. My alignment vision shows he is pure evil. I’m not sure what he’s doing, working with us, but I’m inclined to trust him for now. Of course, the last time we didn’t proactively attack evil creatures, they came at us in the middle of the night.

The next day of travel, Darian walked and talked, as much as was allowed, with Ulathor. The Drow told Darian that the orc-dueregar relationship was strained. Dueregar patrols had been called back to the stronghold, and trade had slowed. Ulathor is not the most confident about us being allowed entry into the dueregar stronghold as traders.

Something else to note: Ulathor disappears during the same hour of watch each night. He’s gone anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes. Nobody has asked him about this yet, but it’s starting to become an obsession of mine. Where does he go? Is he scouting ahead? Is he sleeping? He doesn’t otherwise seem to rest. I may have to straight-up ask him. I hope he doesn’t think me rude.

A few days in, time has little meaning underground though we try to keep to our known schedules, we were attacked. The intravision goggles did not pick up heat signatures from the creatures that attacked us. I did notice an alignment halo right before we were attacked. Just as I asked about it, the creatures were upon us.

They looked like giant cloaks or sheets. They tried wrapping themselves around us, and succeeded with Ulathor until Darian Enlarged him. As far as we could tell, our blunt weapons worked as well as sharp weapons. When they were dead, Ulathor cut some strips from the bodies. He said they were good for shadowcloaks. I grabbed one for Trielle, in case I’m not able to find anything else particularly interesting for her down here. Ulathor isn’t getting our hopes up.

We reached a hole in the middle of a cavern. Ulathor said this wasn’t the normal trade route from aboveground to the dueregar stronghold, but we were taking a shortcut. Under other circumstances, that might seem suspicious. However, I feel he’s truly working for Martheep, who, in turn, really wants what we’re after. We lowered ourselves down the hole, some on rope, and some using Darian’s Feather Fall spell.

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