[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 45

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 45

Othmar and Wilhelm were in Goebbels’ pantry. Larry and Nathander were at his front door. I tried to keep up with Gottlieb, but he wouldn’t tell me what he was doing. He just charged headlong from room to room. I must say, it was a rather boring, middle class house for one in Goebbels’ standing. The only thing of extravagance we found was an excessive amount of underwear. And there was a woman’s locket. We also found some texts with the locket. One text was written in Goebbels’ handwriting (I have had a chance to thoroughly examine that). The other was not.

Our next stop was to see a Law Lord. We end up with Joachim Hoeflich. The Law Lord Wassmeier being out of town, and the Law Lord Heirlich completely missing, Hoeflich was the only choice. He seems interested in our news that those who initially supported the Dwarf and Paper tax are not so much interested any longer. We gave him a couple names as examples, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both men ended up dead by tomorrow. In the end, Heirlich sounded like he would be willing to repeal the tax, if we could get the other Law Lords on board. That seems unlikely given their current whereabouts.

While in the palace, we were able to meet Larry’s new page. He had a bunch of mail for Larry, most of it too old to be of use now. I think we did score some Snotball tickets, though, for the big game!

Outside the palace, news reached us that Pavoratti was found dead! He was poisoned while drinking wine at the red tent. We went looking for witnesses, but this place is crawling with drunk partygoers. Wilhelm’s trying to hypnotize someone, but things don’t look promising.

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