[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 17

[D&D 2e] Diadem of Destruction 17

Underground is pretty monotonous. You sleep whenever you’re tired or you’re out of spells, but there’s no daylight to tell you what time of day it really is. If it gets to be too much, I might have to use a spell just to know the day and time.

We were ambushed by some Hook Horrors…as ambushed as you can be on a single tunnel underground. Luckily, they were loud and we were able to tell they were coming, even over Delenn’s noisy armor. One interesting thing occurred during this battle: one of the creatures sank his hooks in the ceiling and tried to climb over us. I don’t know if he was trying to drop in the middle of us or what, be we saw him do it. It wasn’t like he was sneaking up on us! So far, the creatures down here have been pretty animalistic, survivor types. We haven’t met anything too smart yet.

Until the Drow showed up.

Out of nowhere, a hail of crossbow bolts came driving toward us. Marwin was poisoned. Ulathor told us to “run.” We hadn’t run from too many fights before, but I can definitely see the merit! Ulathor pulled us into a hidden chamber, and nobody else was injured. We did have to stay there for quite a while until the coast was clear. Apparently, the chamber was hidden from those who would scry or try to find us using other magical means. Which means we were due for a heart-to-heart with Ulathor.

My aura-sensing powers revealed him as evil, but apparently that means he’ll do whatever it takes to survive. For right now, we are his only hope of surviving a life of servitude to Martheep. While Martheep was definitely a shrewd businessman when we met him, we didn’t realize half of the agony of actually becoming beholden to him. Ulathor says he only changed evil masters when he fled his Drow kin to work for Martheep.

Our goal has become more difficult, due to the desire to get Ulathor into the Duergar keep with us and to have him acquire the jewel that Martheep desires. This jewel should keep Ulathor safe from Martheep’s control in the future. The plan is that if we never had it in our possession, then Martheep can’t hold it against us.

We also had to further iron out our plan to get inside the stronghold and what we were going to do once inside. Ulathor outwardly, at least, seems to feel better about our plan than he did before. An a quick augury indicated we were heading in the right direction by seeking a Duergar scout party as an escort to their keep.

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