[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 46

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 46

The group headed to the palace to investigate more on Pavarotti’s murder. Larry and Nathander went to talk to Sparsom. They then went to tell the Graf the grave news. While there, they were able to verify that the Graf wasn’t one of the walking dead. The rest of us checked out Pavarotti’s apartments.

The apartments didn’t have a lot of paperwork. This guy must have left the reading and writing to someone else. I hope he doesn’t have a page. We did find many, many medications…or at least the herbs and powders to make meds with. The guy’s nightstand alone was a regular pharmacy. He may have been trying to condition his body to tolerate varying amounts of poisons, which didn’t end up working out for him in the end. He also had some stuff that probably helped his reputation with the ladies. Many of these medications seemed to be imported from the south. Is there any connection between those and the hint of a vampire in the city?

We found a love letter signed by someone with the initial “P.” Nobody really fits the bill. Maybe Petra, but I think that would be a stretch.

I also found his itinerary for the rest of festival. He has circled the Eastenders to win the Snotling Football championship. I might just place that bet myself.

Larry reported some trouble with his new page. The kid seems like a total slimeball to me, but what do I know? I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, even if there was a window nearby.

On our way out of the palace, our attention was caught by a spy of the Baron Heinrich Todbringer. Her name is Natasha Hess. She was dressed, very convincingly, as one of the palace guard. She told us Frau Kenner’s real name and gave us more clues as we shared what we knew with her. She fears the Ar-Ulric might not be trustworthy, either, since he’s having an affair with the Graf’s mistress.

When we were done talking to Natasha, we followed her to a secret door in the palace. It led to some passageways behind the walls. There was a small room where Natasha was based out of. The other end of the passage led to Heinrich’s quarters.

There was little else for us to do but to assist Othmar in making it to his tryst with the ironmonger’s wife.

Goal: Repeal the taxes against dwarves and wizards
Goal: Assassinate Frau Kenner, aka Brunhilde Klaglich
Goal: Discuss Pavoratti’s burial with the Ar-Ulric
Goal: Make Larry’s page “disappear”

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  1. I’m Larry Devries, and I endorse these goals. (Not paid for by the Campaign to Make Devries the Next Graf: “Larry No-More-Taxes Devries, He’s Better Than the Last Guy.”)

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