RPGaMonth: The Edge of Night

RPGaMonth: The Edge of Night

I was looking for a starter adventure to run before The Gathering Storm and this practically fell in my lap.

It’s billed as an adventure, but there are a number of suggestions on how to turn it into a campaign. It has the same prerequisite as The Gathering Storm, so I won’t be using it as a starter adventure. Also, it’s far more socially driven than I’m currently comfortable GMing.

The party’s sole goal is to be invited to a masquerade ball, where they will meet and speak for one of the nobles families vying for power over the town. All the while, a hidden evil is trying to strike down everyone at the party.

The GM has to play everyone in town that the PCs could talk to in order to hear rumors…and there are a lot of rumors. Some red herrings, some expanding the scope of the adventure, and some helpful. Then the GM has to play 30 or so different NPCs at the ball, keep track of where everyone is and who they’re talking to (the book helps with that), and make sure the PCs get sucked into events that aren’t going to be obvious for them to be a part of. In the end, the GM has to make sure the PCs leave the party to go after the evil.

It’s more social than I’m used to. I’ll find another into adventure before The Gathering Storm, probably An Eye For An Eye. The Edge of Night will have to wait until I’m back in the full GM groove.

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