Rogue Talk

Rogue Talk

I’m thinking about a rogue as my next D&D character. It seems something always happens to my rogues, and I never get to play through the entire storyline I want. So I’m going to keep trying. My ideal rogue is of the assassin type.

I wanted to get some cool ideas from others, so I sourced a couple social networks. Any subclass/kit/multi or dual class/etc. counts. Here are some ideas:

From NPC

“Rashgalliber the Mage Most Marvellous” was his name. To the rest of the world he was a capable magician with a tendency toward the dramatic. In reality he was a rogue with a _really_ high CHA and deception specialty, robes full of many hidden pockets, and pockets full of mostly different colored glitter.

From Matt

Cyberpunk 2020

His name was Packrat. He was short(ish) and usually carried a backpack filled with a bunch of stuff. He was a security specialist (disarms/evades traps) that acquired items for clients. When he left a location he would sometimes put little smiley face stickers on the security cameras, they had little whiskers on them. At one point the GM had a street gang become fanboyees of his and had the smiley face on patches, jackets, holo tattoos and such. It was embarrassing for Packrat but secretly he liked it.

From Chris

A DnD 2nd edit, back in high school. Gnome Illusionist/Thief named Greegan the Sly. We rolled 4d6 drop the lowest and I rolled well. 3 18’s 2 16’s and a 14. Playing in Greyhawk. For the longest while he was the running gag of the group because, despite his stats, my in game rolls for thieving sucked, so he dual classed illusionist. He was tired of being the brunt of the joke, so when he would fail a thief skill he would start to use illusions to try and cover his ass and then as he gained more levels he largely just stuck to illusions for everything and despite the group knowing he was doing it, they also didn’t always know when. Then he lucked into a Deck of Many things and made 3 perfect draws. Ended up with boosted stats and I can’t remember what else. On top of that he had some other totally fortuitous random events happen to him and he became the most powerful member of the group, by several margins. This really upset the reigning wizard and a massive power struggle happened. Greegan went rogue eventually and became an NPC that the DM used for a long time to torment the hell out of us. With the members of that group that I still play with that name still makes people nervous.

From Judd

I played a spy/scout in a 2nd Ed game and the group propped me up as the Duke of a place we ended up taking over so that I would be the one “catching the back daggers”.  I did the job and finally became a decent Noble…

From Rick

My gnome illusionist/thief Stealth who focused on urban settings (in AD&D 1e). He used Change Self and Alter Self to establish cover IDs as other races in the city and set up safe houses for adventurers. His most epic moment was in the field – he stripped to a breech-cloth with his components and dagger on a necklace, greased up and slipped through an arrow slit, then used illusion to mimic a hobgoblin guard to let the party into the enemy stronghold, then sowed havoc with illusions as the party saved the princess from being sacrificed to a foul demon.

From David

I had a halfling Thief in 2nd edition named Dash Underfoot.  He was not particularly bright and would often lose his train of thought, which was a frequent irritation to his party members.  He rode a donkey that the villain had replaced with a shapeshifter to spy on the party, but the shapeshifter got so frustrated with Dash’s lack of awareness that he quit in a huff.  It was an hilarious moment in the game…but I guess you had to be there.  😉

From Kyrinn

(Not mine, but a friend’s in another friend’s weekly game.) Halfling ‘ninja’ (DM’s homebrew) who learned, Knock. One time he charged a locked door as he prepared Knock, only to go flying several feet backwards after determining that the Wizard Lock was of higher level. That created an entire raft of in-jokes. Those games were a lot of fun.

From Tito

(Not mine, but my brother’s.) A regular 2nd ed Rogue, with a couple or daggers. But he was smooth, like he didn’t want to go adventuring. He looked at the henchman’s table and thought: if the best paid guy earns this much, then I don’t need much more to live and have a good time. Because of that, he always figured out the easiest to do something, quite the opposite of the usual cat-burglars and swashbucklers that I had seen.

From Ian

I had fun with an elvish assassin in AD&D . One of the reasons was that he’d actually hit the level limit (4th), so didn’t have to really worry all that much about experience. It simply didn’t matter to him (he was quite an existential nihilist – killing people was his reassurance that he was in fact real).  The other reason being that the rest of the party was 8th level or above during the main part of the campaign and the opposition was set to that level, which meant that he was severely outclassed and had to be quite creative in completing his objectives, since his actual abilities were actually pretty much worthless.

Serafina Cyngen

D&D 5e Halfling “Noble”: Exiled member of an empire ruled over by her father. She became a sort of Robin Hood figure as she fought for indigenous peoples against her family’s invading, colonizing army.

There are some ideas for your rogue characters! I like the sounds of a few of those bits and may very well borrow them for my next rogue. If you have a cool rogue you want to tell me about, please do!

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