Warhammer Novels I’ve Read

Warhammer Novels I’ve Read

Alright, just for the fun of it, here is the list of Warhammer books/novelettes/digital shorts I know I have read.

The Burning Shore by Robert Earl
Wild Kingdoms by Robert Earl
Haute Cuisine by Robert Earl
The Ambassador by Graham McNeill
Ursun’s Teeth by Graham McNeill
Honour of the Grave by Robin D. Laws
Sacred Flesh by Robin D. Laws
Liar’s Peak by Robin D. Laws
Valnir’s Bane by Nathan Long
The Broken Lance by Nathan Long
Blood Bowl by Matt Forbeck.
Dead Ball by Matt Forbeck.
Death Match by Matt Forbeck.
Death’s Messenger by Sandy Mitchell
Blood Money by C.L. Werner
Blood and Steel by C.L. Werner
Blood of the Dragon by C.L. Werner
What Price Vengeance by C.L. Werner
Sickhouse by C.L. Werner
Wolfshead by C.L. Werner
Palace of the Plague Lord by C.L. Werner
Blood for the Blood God by C.L. Werner
The Daemon’s Curse by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee.
Bloodstorm by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee.
Reaper of Souls by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee.
Warpsword by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee.
Grudge Bearer * by Gav Thorpe (July 2005)
Oathbreaker * by Nick Kyme (February 2008)
Honourkeeper * by Nick Kyme (April 2009)
Guardians of the Forest by Graham McNeill
Defenders of Ulthuan by Graham McNeill
Sons of Ellyrion by Graham McNeill
Gilead’s by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent.
Gilead’s Curse by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent.
Trollslayer by William King
Skavenslayer by William King
Daemonslayer by William King
Dragonslayer by William King
Beastslayer by William King
Vampireslayer by William King
Giantslayer by William King
Orcslayer by Nathan Long
Manslayer by Nathan Long
Elfslayer by Nathan Long
Shamanslayer by Nathan Long
Zombieslayer by Nathan Long
Road of Skulls by Josh Reynolds (January 2013)
City of the Damned by David Guymer (September 2013)
The Serpent Queen by Josh Reynolds (April 2014)
Kinslayer by David Guymer
Slayer by David Guymer
Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology edited by Christian Dunn (April 2012)
Gotrek and Felix: Lost Tales edited by Laurie Goulding (July 2013)
Grey Seer by C.L. Werner
Temple of the Serpent by C.L. Werner
Thanquol’s Doom by C.L. Werner
Bloodborn by Nathan Long
Knight Errant by Anthony Reynolds
Knight of the Realm by Anthony Reynolds
Knight of the Blazing Sun by Josh Reynolds
Witch Hunter by C.L. Werner
Witch Finder by C.L. Werner
Witch Killer by C.L. Werner
Orion: The Vaults of Winter by Darius Hinks
Orion: Tears of Isha by Darius Hinks
The Claws of Chaos by Gav Thorpe
Star of Erengrad by Neil McIntosh
Zaragoz by Brian Stableford, writing as “Brian Craig”
Plague Demon by Brian Craig
Storm Warriors by Brian Craig
Hammers of Ulric * by Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent and James Wallis (May 2000)
Gilead’s Blood * by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent (March 2001)
Riders of the Dead * by Dan Abnett (March 2003)
Heldenhammer by Graham McNeill
Empire by Graham McNeill
God King by Graham McNeill
Nagash The Sorcerer by Mike Lee
Nagash The Unbroken by Mike Lee
Nagash Immortal by Mike Lee
Malekith by Gav Thorpe
Shadow King by Gav Thorpe
Dead Winter by C.L. Werner
Blighted Empire by C.L. Werner
Wolf of Sigmar by C.L. Werner
The Great Betrayal by Nick Kyme (August 2012)
Master of Dragons by Chris Wraight (October 2013)
Neferata by Josh Reynolds
Master of Death by Josh Reynolds
Blood of Aenarion by William King
Sword of Caledor by William King
Bane of Malekith by William King
Drachenfels by Kim Newman, writing as “Jack Yeovil”
Genevieve Undead by Kim Newman, writing as “Jack Yeovil”
Beasts in Velvet by Kim Newman, writing as “Jack Yeovil”
Silver Nails by Kim Newman, writing as “Jack Yeovil”
Sword of Justice by Chris Wraight
Sword of Vengeance by Chris Wraight
Wulfrik by C.L. Werner (December 2010)
Sigvald by Darius Hinks (July 2011)
Headtaker by David Guymer (May 2013)
Skarsnik by Guy Haley (June 2013)
The Wine of Dreams by Brian Stableford (October 2000)
Fell Cargo by Dan Abnett (February 2006)
Mark of Chaos by Anthony Reynolds (October 2006)
Lords of Valour edited by Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn (June 2001)
Tales of the Old World edited by Marc Gascoigne and Christian Dunn (April 2007)
The Doom of Dragon back by Gav Thorpe
Reiksguard by Richard Williams

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