RPGaMonth: The Witch’s Song

RPGaMonth: The Witch’s Song

I have to admit, at first I wrote this adventure off. I was looking for something set a bit more southern Empire, and this adventure takes place near Marienburg. I slipped it back into the box and promptly ignored it until a couple months later when I was looking for something to read. It wouldn’t have hurt my game to pick this up and read it earlier.

I also thought the small village setting might not have enough challenges for an experienced RPG party. Now I think they only way you might be able to survive this module is as an experienced Warhammer player. For trouble has come to this village…trouble on many fronts.

A drought of fish in a fishing village, a noble with a dark past, a mysterious witch in the fens, and unexpected elf visitor, the PCs, and eventually a witch hunter all vie for attention. Who do you help? Who do you scorn? Can you be everything for everybody? I feel this module has the perfect challenge for a group of players who might be used to just searching for the MacGuffin and killing anyone who gets in their way.

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