[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 48

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 48

“A Sworded Affair”

Othmar once again received a love letter from the ironmonger’s wife. It seems this city is all about secret trysts. Definitely secrets.

The real trouble came at the Children’s Parade.

The replacement flutist led the children around town, while others, including said ironmonger, handed out treats and foodstuffs. It turns out the treats were drugged, and the flutist was leading the children to their doom!

Othmar led as many of the children as he could away from the warehouse of doom. The rest of us surrounded the exits while Gottlieb made his entrance from the second floor. Once he was in place, we entered the warehouse and gave the people inside the chance to give themselves up. Instead they cast some kind of unholy ritual. That’s all we needed to hear.

Gottlieb let loose a ritual of destruction. The only thing he needed for components was his crossbow and his swords.

The first person Gottlieb killed was Goebbels, the missing Von Wittgenstein. The man was leading the ritualistic sacrifice of Middenheim’s children. Then he continued to slice and dice until the last two cultists escaped into the sewers. Larry had already taken off to retrieve the guard. The rest of us weren’t really any help, except maybe for distraction.

Next we beat feet to the palace. We had an appointment with Sparsom’s blackmailer. She was there when we arrived, and we managed to follow her to her safehouse. The house wasn’t so safe after we showed up. Her co-conspirators ended up dead, and “Frau Kenner” ended up in manacles.

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