[WFRP 1e] Eye for an Eye 1

[WFRP 1e] Eye for an Eye 1

“Looking for work? Resourceful and intrepid fellows required to assist in house move. Job involves discretion, danger, and some heavy lifting. Only honest applicants will be considered. No layabouts. Hired candidates will earn 6 silver shillings a day for their labor, plus any expenses incurred. Interested? Ask for Herr Hendrick at The Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik. Don’t delay – seek Herr Hendrick today!”

Zarkon – Wizard’s Apprentice.

Caius – Pit Fighter

Hektor – Burglar

Rolfe – Bodyguard

Kraft – Rustler

Nim – Hypnotist

The candidates met Herr Hendrick and were hired with minimal questions about the job. The real job, he told them, was to investigate the odd manner of the staff at his lord’s new lodge in the forest. Well, the lodge isn’t new, but Lord Aschaffenberg’s arrival is. The lord wants to be sure the staff isn’t fomenting rebellion. If they are, he wants proof before involving the authorities.

They did notice that Hendrick was sporting a bandage on his left hand and asked about that. It seems the lodge suffered an attack from Chaos Beastmen about a week ago and many were injured defending the lodge. Further payment was offered if the candidates’ lives were put in danger, but Hendrick didn’t expect further trouble.

Trouble started while traveling to the lodge. Once in the forest, it was soon apparent the wagons were being shadowed. Everyone was on high alert, but there was nothing they could do but watch until the beastmen attacked outside the lodge gates.

The beastmen acted strange, and seemed to want the lodge guard to open the gate more than they wanted to hurt those on the wagons. Those inside, on the other hand, refused to open the gates while a number of beastmen waited outside. Once a number of the beasts were slain, the rest retreated back into the forest…with the noise of more creatures braying and sounding horns from the cover of the trees.

The wall surrounding the lodge looked quite rundown, and they found the grounds inside to be much the same. The lawn and gardens were much overgrown. Nobody came from the carriage house to take care of the hired wagon, either. Hendrick eventually convinced the groom to come from the stables to take care of the horses. The wagon driver elected to stay with the wagon.

Hendrick was about to take the party into the house to meet the lord, when Aschaffenberg came out and trod through the grass to meet them outside. He invited them to grab some crates and follow him inside.  On the way in, a few of them could tell they were being watched from an upper window. Rolfe was able to see a slightly built man in his 30’s with bandages wrapped around his head and his upper arm.

In his private quarters, the lord reinforced the mission and ostensibly gave them the night off after carting his belongings. He expected a report after dinner. He told them the dinner options were good or venison. He recommended the venison, and most of the party agreed to try it.

The characters were shown where they would be sleeping, and then immediately proceeded to split up. Kraft went to the stables to take care of her horses. Caius headed to the Hospice to have his wound looked at. The rest of the party decided to explore the grounds outside of the house.

In the stables, Kraft found a friendly coachman who volunteered to show her around the grounds. The second coachman had been wounded the previous week and looked to have a bum knee. It seems the medicine for the pain was also making him a bit drowsy. Finally, the groom was a complete layabout, who only kept the lord’s coach and horses and nothing else in the stables. He complained of always feeling tired and being kept up at night by the noises in the forest. His eyes were red, and he seemed to have trouble concentrating. The first coachman chalked it up to the youth being straight-up lazy.

In the hospice, Caius was welcomed by a blind priestess of Sigmar. She was assisting the doctor as he made his rounds. The doctor was able to help Caius by means of a poultice together with a draught of medication. The medication was a bit pungent, and the doctor in turned smelled strongly of the herbs used in its creation. After tending Caius, the doctor dismissed him to return to the heavily wounded people on his cots. Besides those two on the cots, there was a third human who hardly looked wounded and a dwarf who often muttered mad ramblings. The priestess told Ciaus the dwarf had taken a serious blow to the skull during the beastman raid.

Rolfe led the others to a ramshackle shrine out on the grounds. There was barely anything inside but a single candle and a triptych of Sigmar’s hammer, Ghal Maraz, a twin-tailed comet, and a skull with a wreath. The triptych was quite dirty with neglect. As a devout Simarite, Rolfe decided it needed to be cleaned up. He headed to the Garden Shed with Zarkon to look for cleaning supplies. Nim decided to check out the forge.

Hektor and Caius left the shrine to investigate the Gatehouse. They found the captain of the guard and 4 guardsmen. The captain congratulated them on handling the beastmen outside. Two of the guards were banged up from the previous week’s beastman encounter. They were able to get a little more information out of the captain of the guard regarding the lodge and its inhabitants. However, the captain admitted that they spend the majority of their time outside the lodge itself, and the two may get better answers to questions from the lord’s assistant Hendrick or the lodge’s steward, Gregor Piersson.

Finishing in the stables, Kraft proceeded to the hospice to have her leg wound treated. The doctor treated her exactly as he had treated Caius. Kraft also talked for a bit with the less-injured looking man sitting on a cot. He introduced himself as Bertoldt and said he was the gardener. He complained of trouble with his knee, his back, and his shoulder. He asked if she knew of any jobs for a gardener in Ubersreik. Again, the dwarf’s wild ramblings echoed through the house. The priestess said the dwarf used to be the blacksmith.

At the forge, Nim verified that the work area was set up at dwarf height. He decided to explore a bit more thoroughly and found an empty wooden case, perfectly fitted for the shape of a warhammer. The case was located behind an armor rack, and the lock to the case had been broken. Remembering the hammer in the triptych, and also being a devout Sigmarite, Nim decided the Warhammer on display in the shrine looked more like the shape from the wooden case than it did Sigmar’s famous hammer. He returned to the shrine to share this information.

From the gatehouse, Hektor next decided to investigate inside. He stopped by on the way to the shine, and Nim joined him. They found some accounting ledgers in the study. From there, they decided to head to the library.

Kraft had finally decided to meet up with the rest of the party outside in the yard. On her way out, she met a servant who was tidying up in the hallway. He reported that he was very busy, as they were down a number of the help.

Shortly after joining the party outside, both Kraft and Caius began to feel rather tired. They decided to take a quick repose in the long grass outside the front door, so as not to miss the call to dinner.

In the library, Hektor and Nim found a large man reading a book near a window. The man quickly closed the book, and tucked away the drawings he was making when they arrived, but not before Hektor noticed some strange bestial shapes on the papers he tucked away. Hektor engaged the man in conversation and found out he was the librarian…and a snobby one. Nim scanned the room while the other two conversed. He found two starting works amongst the other mundane books: a collection of sheafs titled A Disquieting Proposal and a play titled Strange Flowers. He sandwiched those books between two histories and asked about borrowing some reading material for the night. The librarian dismissively agreed.

Just then, a maid popped into the library to tell them that dinner was ready. As the librarian got up from his seat, he unknowingly dropped a small piece of paper and headed out of the library to show Hektor and Nim to the great hall.

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