[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 50

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 50

We practically saved the existence of Middenhiem, as in the place wouldn’t exist, as we know it, if it wasn’t for us. Naturally, the Graf can’t afford an actual monetary reward. What we did get…was knighted.

OK, so I might be a little sarcastic about our lack of money for saving the Graf’s behind, but I am rather impressed that we got to become Knights Panther. Granted, we did have to spend a week in isolation in the church of Ulric. But, hey, in the end, we’re on the official Knight role. None of the pomp and circumstance since we’re getting in on the official action a few days late, but all of the responsibilities of a real knight. And an official Knights Panther medallion!

You know, sometimes the way I phrase things really makes them a turn off.

Anyway, the Graf immediately wants us to go to Kislev to fulfill some kind of military aid situation he has promised there. It seems we know too much to be welcome in town for long. Oh, and first we have to find a couple cultists who got away from us in the warehouse. They left town in the opposite direction of Kislev. This shouldn’t be difficult.

I have to admit, the knighthood did give me a riding horse with saddle, saddle bags, bridle, and blanket. We also received a breastplate, leg plate, a 1-man tent, and official travel papers with seals. As the journey begins, I’m making sure I can replicate these travel documents, including the seals.

We use our status as Knights Panther to get answers out of people while tracking the missing cultists. They’re going to be hard to track, as one’s a huntress. Luckily, they are known to stop at the same few places when traveling to or from the city.

Of course it’s raining as we follow these cultists into the Schadensumpf (moors). We have to turn off the main drag to reach the next town, and our battle wagon gets stuck in the mud. It’s at this time the mist really starts rolling in, and a group of Fimir arrive…to ask us if we’ve seen a couple of their kind who have gone rogue. It’s no big deal, but the Fimir are just going to destroy the village we’re heading to if we can’t find their two missing members.

Need I remind you these creatures are about as big as our ogre…when they’re hunched over?

In the village, nobody knows what’s going on or wants to be helpful in the least…except one guy who just had a near-death experience with some one-eyed creatures at an old abandoned mine.

That’s where we’re headed next.

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