[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 51

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 51

Our company of Knights Panther tracked the rogue Fimir down a tight-fitting cave. It opened up into a larger cavern, and our party wizard sensed another magic user somewhere off to the left. Unfortunately, we chose the wrong left-hand tunnel, which was only made painfully clear to us when Wilhelm, our stalwart friend and comrade, exploded by way of an enemy fireball. Seriously, exploded, as in nothing left but flaming feet in smoking boots. Fate was unwilling to intervene on his behalf.

The rest of us were spitting mad, and we followed that murderous Fimir back to her watery hideout. Nathander and Larry bravely entered its watery domain. The creature tried to pull Nathander under, but he was too strong for the beast. Instead, Nathander kicked the creature’s head in! He stated there was some magic of Morr involved, but all I know is the beast ended up without a head. Or a tail, once we cut it off for proof that we had dealt with it.

In the beast’s lair was a whelp of its kind. Larry wrapped it up in a sack, managing to only get bitten once in the process.

We left the cave complex, after collecting as much of our fallen companion’s belonging as possible. It was only the non-flammable stuff that survived.

(Magical amulet from the dead Fimir, dwarven ring of undead protection, magical key to the tower of the ghoul, gold holy symbol of Sigmar, mail coif, obsidian wand, pistol, over 3500 gold crowns, and 30 something silver shillings.)

The FImir warband met us outside the caves, and rewarded us for capturing their two rogue members. The Fimir gave us an amulet of thrice-blessed copper (given to Othmar) and they had the two cultists we were hunting. In the end, it was a fair exchange, excepting that we lost Wilhelm.

We returned to Middenheim to have Wilhelm’s remains interred with the church of Ulric. We filled the void in our party with a youth just out of the artillery school in Nuln. He joined Larry’s rank of mercenaries, and he convinced us to add a ballista to the top of the battle wagon.

We decided to head to Talabheim by way of Kemperbad so we could pick up the Bawdy Countess and sail her as far toward Kislev as possible. Along the road to Altdorf, we heard that raiding parties rule the Drakwald. No hunters or trappers or woodsmen dare ply their trade in the forest anymore. Also, as group of Sigmarites were waylaid and killed on the way south. The stories we heard reminded us of the Sons of Ulric, an illegal sect of our newfound church.

After spending the night in a dilapidated coaching in, we traveled south. A forest scavenger, a women in a most desperate space, convinced us she could take us to some standing stones in the forest where we could find those responsible for raiding the honest folk of the land.

Darned if I don’t feel more noble just from wearing this Knights Panther medallion.

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