[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 52

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 52

The resident botanist, Gisela Heilscher, led us into the Drakwald to a set of tall standing stones. We had to leave the battle wagon on the road, but the ogre was there, with the rest of the mercenaries.

The stone circle was a grisly scene; one I was used to only seeing in a dark alley. There were definitely human parts and flayed skins.

Gottlieb was able to find a trail we followed further into the woods. Have I mentioned before that this isn’t my comfort zone? Give me some seedy docks and rowdy taverns any day.

Gottlieb sneaked right up to a camp of the Sons of Ulric. Larry led a group of us into the middle of camp.

After Larry killed their leader to get their attention, the Sons of Ulric were willing to agree to hunt a large beastman that was terrifying the area. He said the hunt may take weeks. We decided to poke around the forest a bit instead of waiting.

We came upon a smaller stone circle, with many rude fetishes scattered on top of the stones. I was fixing to smash a few with my club, when a large number of normal sized beastmen came marching in. There was no way to avoid a fight, though we were outnumbered.

After a few beastmen were killed or incapacitated, the others ran off. We were able to take a captive who spoke our language. He told us of a large rampaging beastman that had gotten out of their control. Sounded just like the creep we were hunting.

At that point, we were near our battle wagon, so we decided to go check on the lads. The ogre had shot our ballista clean through the large beastman and deep into a tree. The creature was dead, and the woods belonged to the Sons of Ulrich again…not that I’m sure that’s any better.

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