[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 53

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 53

We’ve been seeing these wanted posters for someone named The Black Arrow. Whoever Count Amadeus von Drakenberg is, the guy really has it out for the Arrow.

We arrived in Swartzmarkt in the afternoon. We decided to take our chances at a place called the Crossed Lances. Inside, a roadwarden told us that the Arrow worked south of here. The Arrow preyed on minor nobles, usually, not merchants.  We also heard that there was a boar problem around these parts, so I payed good money to buy the boar spear off a recently deceased boar hunter. I’m counting on better luck than that guy had.

The owner of the Crossed Lances is a retired adventurer who tells us he used to be The Black Arrow. He knows who The Black Arrow is, though, and he wants us to steal a diamond called the Blue Flame from her. Yes, the new Black Arrow is a woman. Anyway, he tells us how to find the band’s hideout and how to access the place from a hollowed-out tree.

Incidentally, Count Drakenberg is also staying at the Crossed Lances this night, and he also individually hires us to bring him the head of The Black Arrow on a silver platter. Literally. He had the platter right there. It’s a bit odd, but I kind of liked it.

The night, while everyone but Bones (Oh, yeah…Brother Nathaniel has a new nickname) was asleep, we were bombed. Like, explosives down the chimney, new permanent door to the elements, lucky to walk away alive type bombed. Two bombs, from what the priest says. All I know is I woke up a bit smoldering. We beat-feet out of that place, ASAP. Delberz wasn’t too far away, and we needed some patching up.

I usually suggest trying to give your physician good news before asking them to heal you. Unfortunately, all we had to tell Francisca Lang was that her apprentice Wilhelm died a hero, and that his boot was interred in the Temple of Sigmar in Middenheim. Is it Sigmar? Or was it Ulric? I’m really starting to get confused about who’s who and who I work for. In the end, I think they all need a good club upside the head these days.

Francisca suggests we were hit by the Red Crown, a cult directly in opposition to the Purple Hand. Both these cults need a good clubbing, too, while I’m at it. Anyway, it was time to hunt The Black Arrow.

(There’s going to run out of colors to use for group names in a bit. They’re either going to have to recycle colors or use non-standard colors. Can you imagine if we were chasing the Chartreuse Five? It doesn’t exactly instill fear.)

Gottlieb led us into the woods for the Black Arrow hideout. Well, he was off his game this day. First we found an angry mob of wild hogs. (What is a group of hogs called? I’m a city boy. I don’t know these things.) The hogs chased us off, all of us except Gottlieb. He got caught. He says he climbed a tree and the hogs ate his horse. That is a shame; these well-trained horses aren’t easy to come by.

The next path Gottlieb chose for us ended at a charcoal burner’s house rather than the Black Arrow hideout. This charcoal burner was chaotic as Khorne in a Shallyan temple. While we watched, she nonchalantly gave birth and threw her child into a pen full of pigs. I think her Grandfather Nurgle was grossed out by that one. We really had no choice but to fight her and her demon hog underlings.

That was a rough battle. We lost a couple more horses. You know, we’ve never lost so many horses as we have since I’ve been looking for a new one. Some of us were quite hurt. But in the end we survived, if barely. We also managed to bury her chaos flail where no one should ever be able to find it…at least not until we’re dead and gone.

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