[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 54

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 54

Now, things don’t usually get worse than two bombs going off in your hotel room while you sleep, but you just hold on for a few minutes.

On our third outing to find the Black Arrow’s hideout, Gottlieb leads us to the village of Grusligdorf. Inside what passes for a tavern, we find 3 Templars of Sigmar. We just happen to be down 3 horses, but we managed to keep from being all bloodthirsty toward fellow Knights.

The tavern at Grusligdorf serves a very funky ale. We all became very relaxed, mentally and emotionally. We were having a grand old time, until a female elf rushed into tell us of wolves burning down a farm.

I am certainly not used to random villages having female elves in them, so that quite caught me off guard. Secondly, wolves burning things? Surely, she meant the disavowed cult of Ulric. Well, we needed to teach those murderous pups a lesson once and for all.

The whole town wanted to follow us to the farm, but I assured them the unified team of Knights could take care of the problems ourselves. Everyone stayed home except the elf, who lead the way.

Wouldn’t you know, she took us to the farm of the recently deceased charcoal burner and her demon pig swain. Only the place looked different. The farm looked normal, and the dead didn’t look like pustules Nurgle dropped on his way by. I was having none of this delusion, and I tried to talk some sense into the elf. That didn’t go over well.

Meanwhile Bones had headed toward the farmhouse with some of the Templars because they could hear a baby crying. One of the Templars picked up the demonic screaming baby flail head and was treating it like a human child! Bones talked them into behaving a bit more sanely, and they tucked it into a saddle bag to be checked out by bona fide priests.

We all headed back to Delberz, where our story was confirmed and we were diagnosed we being under some sort of illusionary spell. Everyone thought it smart to leave the flail head in our care until we could see it destroyed. I thought that was the worst idea.

On the fourth try, Gottlieb led us to the hideout of the Black Arrow! We were all sneaky-sneaky like down the secret entrance, and were met head-on by an ambush. Not only that, but where we tried to leave, the mad bomber what bombed us in our sleep was back! He had dropped two more bombs down the secret entrance behind us!

There wasn’t a lot of time to act. I was in the back, so I dove at the two bombs to try to put them out. The first one, I was able to pull the fuse out of, and it didn’t go off. The second one, though, blew up right in my face!

Luckily it was mostly a dud. I did get my bell rung, though.

Since there were bombs coming from our retreat, I headed back down the tunnel toward the entrance to the hideout. The ambush there ended up throwing flaming flasks at us. We were trapped in a room with a ladder leading to the hideout entrance. The room was on fire, thanks to the goons who worked here pouring oil on the floor before throwing one of their flasks.

The room was on fire. I was on fire. There was nothing to do but run away in all haste, down the tunnel, back toward the bomber.

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  1. Gottleib is just a bad luck charm secured around your collective necks with a padlock and no key. Got to say without him your lives would be boring.

  2. All this calamity almost makes it not worth being a knight. However, none of this calamity has occurred because we were knights and we were going about our duties.

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