[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 55

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 55

There was no right answer, so we all decided to head through the flames and up the trap door. The bloody room was chock full of bandits. It was a room with cells on one wall, a door on another way, and a table in the middle. I dove under the table. Karl needed some help, but he dove under the table, too. Then the silly kid lifted the table from over us and used it to block the door. I had to put my club to good use. Which reminds me, I still have to clean bandit brains off my club.

The bandits stacked more explosives outside the table and threatened to blow us to kingdom come. Well, we don’t let anyone do that to us, so Karl lit their fuse for them. If anyone’s going to blow us to kingdom come, it’ll be us! We retreated down the trap door in the floor. There was a big kaboom.

Larry and Karl went after the cart and mercenaries. Our third plan was a siege. They sent out a man to parlay. That didn’t go very well. All we wanted was the head of the Black Arrow, and all the Black Arrow wanted was to live.

We settled on a compromise. We used her head to find the Blue Flame, and we let her keep it, attached, afterward. Funny enough, the guy who hired us to find the Blue Flame had the blasted thing hidden in his basement! We stole it, left him wanting it, left the Prince wanting the Black Arrow, and we got outta town. Of all the inns we’ve stayed in, that one very well may be the worst.

We made plans to fence the diamond in Altdorf. There’s a city where you can sell anything! We rode hard to Altdorf, ignoring anyone else who seemed they had a problem and needed some help. Where we’re concerned, no good deed goes unpunished.

We visited Uri the 14th to get the daemon flail head disenchanted. It turns out he’s not quite as all-powerful as advertised. He told us the only way to destroy is was on the anvil that created it. We left that cursed object buried in the ground in the middle of nowhere…in the opposite direction we want to go.

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