[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 56

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 56

OK, you know what you can’t sell in Altdorf? An ultra-valuable, completely unique, well-known diamond. I know I’m from Nuln, but I’ve been a bawd, and I’ve been a fence, but I can’t sell a diamond in Altdorf. Go figure. We’ll work with the Family in Kemperbad. But while I’m in Altdorf, I guess I’ll make a few more connections.

You know what I can buy in Altdorf? A light warhorse, wankers! Graf Todbringer might have just given us fancy pendants with little real power, but I’m a for-real templar right now! It’s going to give my mum a heart attack.

We got everything we could out of Altdorf, and then we rented a boat to Kemperbad. We tried to stay on the boat at all times, because staying at inns when we dock for the night is going to kill us some day. However, we couldn’t stand that flail head baby crying all the time! We had to get off for a night, while the getting was good.

Who do you think we’d meet while off the boat for a night? None other than the bounty hunter Ursula. It turns out she’s from Kislev. The very country we’re heading to! I know it looks like we’re going in the wrong direction, but Kislev is our goal, ASAP. Unfortunately, the P has been giving us a bit of a problem. It won’t be a problem once we get to Kislev, though, because Ursula gave us the rundown. The social structure, the ethnic identities, the whole works. We’ll probably fit right in.

In Kemperbad, the rotten Blucher patsy denied knowing where our boat was! Our boat! That we traveled all this way for, completely out of our way, and with other people waiting for us in Kislev! Well, I was steaming mad, but Larry said he’d take care of it.

It turns out, when Larry takes care of it, we get an even bigger and better boat (plus Gottlieb took the guy’s pocket change). While those two were wrecking righteous havoc, I was trying to sell the Blue Flame to a group of Shallyans. Only, Othmar told me they weren’t Shallyans. We took the diamond to the Miragliano family and got an OK deal out of it instead.

We settled up our affairs in Kemperbad, and we sailed to Delberz. We decided to dig up that anvil and kill this flail head baby once and for all. Only someone had dug the anvil up before us.

We tracked the anvil back to Grisligdorf. It wasn’t there. It had come though, however, dug up and taken by one Baron Lord Enum…of Regensdorf.

This guy’s got a world of hurt coming. Nothing’s been going our way, and he’s been trouble since we all first met.

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