[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 57

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 57

In Regensdorf, the burgomeister’s gate is open. The front door opens for us. There’s a butler standing patiently in the doorway. His Lord, our whole purpose for being there, was not at home.

The butler had no food to share with us, we were quite late for dinner after all, and he expected to die just from talking to us.

He did tell us the Lord had left quite a few days ago, taking 8 sets of plate armor, a good section of his library, and the skull of his father.  We got quite an interesting look at the remains of the library. There was some obvious witchcraft going on in this family.

Riding out of Regensdorf, we were met by a Witch Hunter, Reinhold Homrighausen. He was heading to Delberz to kill the renegade Regensdorf and take the chaos anvil for his own battle against chaos. We thought the general idea was good, but we took a different route.

We reasoned that in Delberz, Regensdorf would hire a boat to head south. With that in mind, we headed south to Altdorf and hired a boat heading north. Either we would catch Regensdorf in Delberz, or we would catch him on his escape downriver.

Our plan worked perfectly, and we intercepted Regensdorf aboard our own Bawdy Countess heading south. Not only had the man done all the other dastardly deeds, he had also stolen our boat!

We prepared the bolt thrower, as our boat captain positioned us for a boarding. There were 9 suits of armor on the deck of the Bawdy Countess. The first bolt went through the armor in the wheelhouse. Then we launched ourselves onto our boat for grand melee!

In the end, the armor was not as difficult to battle as expected, possibly due to the fact is was not manned. How it was animated, we don’t know. But it had captured the rogue Lord Regensdorf. It is possible he animated it will fell magic and failed an attempt to control the armor.

What I do know is I got the family sword, Dragonbane. The relic will no longer be used at the whim of this corrupted family. I intend to put it to noble use, as is appropriate a Knight Panther.

We stopped at Suderberg to destroy the demonic flail head using the chaos anvil at Askan Furst’s forge. The villagers were not happy. The flail head screamed the whole time. Then we sailed down river to leave the chaos forge with the church of Sigmar. They seemed none too pleased to have to deal with the forge themselves, but we had done everything else asked of us.

We were on our way up the Talabec toward our destiny in Kislev.

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