[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 60

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 60

We had to speak to the Vodyanoy. This was far outside of my comfort zone. Piotr took care of the summoning for us. Vodyanoy was very happy to have someone willing to fight Father Bear. He also told us we should not inadvertently hurt the bear, maybe even to the point of death. But it seemed like he wanted us to. At the very least, he was rooting for us to win.

We checked out the ground set aside for the match. There were trees on the west, a briar patch in the middle, and a field on the east. There was also a stream. I was wary of the large boulder near the stream. Nathander wanted to check out a shrine inside the designated area. Father Bear showed it to us.  While he was doing that, Gottlieb hid himself in a tree with some large rocks. Othmar just plain hid himself. Larry, Nathander, and I were ready to fight Father Bear.

We bowed to Father Bear, who already had a paw tucked behind his back. After the bow, Larry ran up to the bear, launched himself off the bear’s legs, and punched the bear squarely in the face.  Father Bear fell backward, stunned, and maybe not conscious. The match was over.

Leshy was a bit of a spoil sport about the whole thing, though Father Bear laughed his head off (figuratively). Leshy begrudgingly fetched us a bird that we could use to help find Georgie in the forest. Of course, Leshy just touching the bird warped it a bit, so the thing now only has one eye. It did it’s job, though, and Georgie was brought to us at his parents’ cabin.

Georgie was an unwashed, unkempt man of the forest who did not talk, and did not wear any clothes (that’s gonna get cold in the winter, pal, I don’t care how long your hair is). We asked him about the creature(s) killing villagers, and he mimed us some answers: 5 baddies. 1 tall one, 1 that looked like a beastman, 1 that looked like a goat, 1 that looked like a dog, and 1…that I forget, though it caught us trying to ambush the lookout goat. Oh, also Georgie mimed something that started small but uncurled into something nasty with bent limbs and fangs. Looks like we were in for a good time.

We went searching for the group in a ring of stones Georgie had mimed, keeping an eye out for their lookout. We were ambushed before we got to the lookout. The ambusher was killed. Then we got to the stones. Gottlieb started tousling with goathead. Brother Nathander started a fight with beasthead. I charged Pughead and cut him in half from hip to shoulder.

A chaos knight (the tall one) came at us from out of a trapdoor. He had some kind of little daemon on his shoulder. We left those ones for Larry. When the smoke cleared, they were all dead and we were not. Gottlieb was interested in the chaos knight’s armor, of all things.

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