[WFRP 1e] New Spell: Shooting Star

[WFRP 1e] New Spell: Shooting Star

(Note: This spell is converted from WFRP 3e.)

Spell Level: 1
Magic Points: 2
Range: 48 Yards
Duration: Instantaneous
Ingredients: A firefly

A shimmering star flies from your outstretched hand and automatically strikes the target.Only one shooting star per level may be thrown per combat round. Each star must have the same target. Each star has a Strength 4, and causes d10 Wounds on one target, irrespective of armor (d10+4). Flammable targets suffer an additional d8 Wounds.

Shooting Stars are magic missiles, meaning a non-prone target may attempt to dodge the star by testing against Initiative. If successful, the target only takes half damage.

Designer Notes: In WFRP 3e, this is a spell of the Celestial Order. Some WFRP 1e GMs may want to make this an Elemental Spell or other Specialty Spell.

The power of this spell was created to fit between the Fireball and the Lightning Bolt in the Battle Magic list. A player might choose Shooting Star over Fireball due to the increase Strength of the hit, though limited to one target. Lightning Bolt is a step better, doing the same Strength hit to (possibly) multiple targets.

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